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Chainlink sets a new record

Now the token is ninth in the CoinMarketCap ranking

Chainlink - Chainlink sets a new record

Over the past few days, the significant volatility that characterized it should be noted chainlink. A trend, however, that ultimately favors its growth, leading the token to mark its own new historical high, at $ 7,41.
All in a framework that sees the weakening of Bitcoin, which finally seems to leave room for competing projects. Among which own chainlink it is one of those that shows the greatest energy. So much so that further growth is expected in the short term.

Chainlink, growth should continue further

According to the ranking of CoinMarketCapChainlink would be the ninth cryptocurrency in terms of market valuation right now.
But above all, the token manages to highlight performances that are able to arouse a lot of interest from investors. Like the one highlighted over the last 24 hours, a time span in which it gave rise to growth in the order of 15%. Which brought its capitalization well beyond the 2,5 billion dollar mark.

What are the factors driving Chainlink?

Chainlink's brilliant behavior naturally prompted analysts to wonder what are the factors that are favoring it.
Identifying them in particular in its ability to attract prestigious partners. For example Nexus, a company operating in the loan sector crypto which boasts over 800 thousand users. Or like the network that deals in China of services Blockchain, who decided to incorporate its oracles into its structure. Or, again, how Hedera Hashgraph, with which Chainlink is collaborating in order to create a decentralized Oracle network for its distributed public company register.

The partnership between FirmaChain and Chainlink and the quote on Google

Another project that has made a lot of talk about Chainlink is the collaboration established with SignatureChain. Announced on July 23, the partnership aims to create smoother digital contracts, such as car rental contracts that use the Chainlink blockchain in order to validate driving licenses as part of a signature process aimed at ensuring better experience for the benefit of the customer.
It should also be noted that just recently Chainlink was used by Google to make data hosted on the Internet available within an immutable public blockchain. The process that originated from this resolution was mentioned precisely by the Big G blog. An event that, as is easily imaginable, has given further recognition to the token.

Prospects for the immediate future

As we have seen, therefore, the ability to establish collaborations with important companies seems to be able to provide further propellant for the growth of Chainlink.
Which should certainly continue over the next few weeks. Especially if the Bitcoin's moment of weakness, which could leave openings for a recovery of the Altcoins. Joining the particular moment of the global economy, which is pushing more and more people towards cryptocurrencies.
It seems entirely logical to think that in the eyes of those who intend to invest in digital assets, not trusting the more traditional financial ones, a fast growing token like Chainlink could be a possible target. All that remains is to wait for further developments in the coming days, to get further indications in this regard.

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