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Charles Hoskinson responds to Cardano's critics

The duel between Cardano and Ethereum ignites

After the attacks on Ethereum and Dogecoin, now it is Charles Hoskinson who finds himself under the crossfire which seems to have become a real sport within the crypto space.
Over the last few days, in fact, Cardano it has been the subject of a number of outright criticisms and attacks. In which he stood out in particular David hoffman, who did not hesitate to define his project as a real scam.

charles hoskinson - Charles Hoskinson responds to Cardano's critics

The statements of David Hoffman

The crux of the dispute is represented by the heavy statements of David Hoffman, released during a conversation with Scott Melker, which had as its object the controversial Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559.
This is a project which aims to improve the UX of the portfolio with the implementation of a gas pricing system capable of ensuring system stability and making it less unpredictable. Which, moreover, has a deflationary element which will not necessarily pay the miners, but will still burn the basic commissions.
The proposal is strongly opposed by Ethereum miners and the discussion was being channeled precisely on this issue, when Hoffman is slipped on the classic banana peel.

Cardano is a scam, according to Hoffman

Asked about the competition brought by Cardano to Ethereum in the sector of DeFi, Hoffman has in fact not only denied this possibility, but it also branded ADA as a real scam. Praising at the same time Polkadot, another well-known Ethereum Killer, stating that it is not based on false marketing like that of Cardano.
To partial consolation of Hoskinson, Hoffman also expanded his iconoclastic fury to another well-known project, namely Ripple. By claiming that it would in turn use unethical techniques, a judgment shared by a large part of the cryptographic space.

Charles Hoskinson's answer

The response from the CEO of IOHK came by return of post. Remembering that those who criticize Cardano for the lack of apps should know that some of its parts are still in the development stage. And that they should therefore at least wait for it to end before judging.
He further stated that the platform is intent on including not only DEX, but also oracles, stablecoin offerings, and NFT markets in the near future. Concluding with a news related to Alonzo, the next phase of development planned on the blockchain by Cardano.

Retaliation for Hoskinson's attacks on Ethereum?

Of course, Hoffman's heavy attack on Cardano gave the impression to many that he was one real retaliation for the mocking opinion issued a few weeks ago by Hoskinson on Ethereum. The number one of Cardano, in fact, had defined a duel between the two projects as a martial arts fight between a contender in full strength and one not only elderly, but also tied to a wheelchair. The second was of course Vitalik Buterin's project.
A strong judgment, but certainly not such as to justify Hoffman's accusations. Which were criticized by Hoskinson in a tweet that is hard not to share: “It is one thing to say that you are skeptical. It's a different thing to call ourselves criminals ". It now remains to be seen whether the clash could move to a courtroom, which should not be ruled out in principle.

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