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Chiliz now also collaborates with the Italian national football team

The agreement concerns the launch of a fan token on

Chiliz has announced the launch of a collaboration with the Italian Game Federation Soccer (FIGC), for the launch of a fan token relating to the national team on the blockchain di, which has now become a point of reference for this kind of initiatives.
The blue team won the European title during the summer, the second in the series and for this reason represents a very coveted prey for the transalpine company.
Moreover, the Italian national football team is only the latest arrival in an audience which is becoming more and more numerous. Within which it is already possible to recognize the presence of real nineties of the most popular sport on a global level. Among the clubs already signed, for example, the presence of clubs such as Barcelona, Manchester City e Paris Saint Germain.

Chiliz - Chiliz now also collaborates with the Italian national football team

Gabriele Gravina's comment on the agreement with Chiliz

Commenting on the agreement, for the FIGC, was its president, Gabriele Gravina. According to which, the collaboration with Chiliz will allow a greater and better involvement of the many Italian supporters from a qualitative point of view. Furthermore, again according to the FIGC number one, in this way it will be possible to find new resources to be able to invest in initiatives aimed at making the diffusion of pedestrian sport along the peninsula even more widespread. In particular, by launching initiatives in favor of the youth sectors, which have entered a crisis in recent years due to the lack of adequate funds.
THEItaly however, it is not the first national team to have signed a collaboration of this kind with the transalpine company, known for its now famous Fantasy football on the blockchain. Before the Azzurri, in fact, a similar pact had been signed by the federations of Argentina e Portugal. agreements with the NBA world

If initially focused on the football sector, lately the platform has expanded its range of action to the great basketball of the National Basketball Association (NBA). It has in fact signed agreements with 24 franchises of the most famous professional basketball league globally, including i Los Angeles Lakers, a true icon of the sector.
In this case, however, the strategy prepared provides more for the involvement of fans than the sale of tokens. A decision which is due in particular to the regulatory uncertainty that continues to reign over them. In the event that they were considered titles, in fact, Chiliz does not have the necessary authorizations to be able to market them. Precisely for this reason it was decided to take a different path.

Competition is also moving

It should also be emphasized that, initially, was able to act practically undisturbed, given the absence of competition in this particular sector, now things seem on the verge of changing considerably.
In particular, we are witnessing the arrival of some competitors who promise to prove to be a tough nut to crack. The most fearsome of which seems to be Bitter, a Turkish company which has just signed an agreement with FIBA, the International Basketball Federation. The collaboration will guarantee Bitci the enjoyment of commercial rights on all competitions organized by the body that oversees the development of basketball. Starting with the men's and women's continental cups, the youth world cup, the women's world cup in 2022 and the men's one that will take place in 2023.
As far as football is concerned, the collaboration undertaken in September with the Spezia, a club participating in Serie A. However, the Ligurian team could soon become the classic tip of the iceberg.

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