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Christine Lagarde relaunches the cryptocurrency controversy

The words of the governor of the ECB make fans and opponents of digital assets argue

According to the governor of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, the cryptocurrency they would not be a real currency. The offending statement was released during an interview with Bloomberg. And, of course, it has once again revived the controversy between supporters and detractors of digital money. Which has been in place for years and is destined to revive precisely in consideration of the interests that are at stake. Starting with those of the traditional financial world, which still sees a sector that aims to replace it or, at least, limit its excessive power as smoke in the eyes.

Christine Lagarde - Christine Lagarde relaunches the controversy on cryptocurrencies

The words of Christine Lagarde

What exactly did the ECB number one say? According to Lagarde, cryptocurrencies are highly speculative assets, which claim the status of currency, without being such. Adding that they represent a problem in terms of energy consumption.
Compared to other much more controversial statements, such as those used for example in the US political world, those of the Lagarde in fact, they seem like words that are not exactly positive, but not excessively malicious. By identifying in practice two of the problems that are indicated by a large part of public opinion and by the experts themselves, namely the volatility di Bitcoin and Altcoin and the need to give life to a new energy model for their production and management.

Anthony Pompliano's response to Lagarde

However, Lagarde's statements were answered by return of post Anthony Pompliano. As a true apostle of digital assets, "The Pomp" has indeed attacked the governor of the ECB by affirming the absurdity of her words. Proven by the fact that the sector is currently worth $ 2 trillion. Is that Bitcoin has been equated to legal tender in a country like El Salvador since 7 September.
Pompliano, then, in the heat of the controversy, did not hesitate to throw a real Lagarde-style whip. Pointing it out as the one who in the past has destroyed the purchase value of millions of people in every part of the globe. Clear allusion to the presidency of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is an integral part of the now infamous Threesome. And, consequently, he should have the good sense not to talk about speculations, limiting them to cryptocurrencies.

The controversy quickly increased in intensity

Anthony Pompliano's response immediately triggered a real barrage by cryptofans. Who did not hesitate to embrace his extremely aggressive line. Particularly reminding Lagarde of her legal woes, which should evidently lead her to prudence, at least with words. While the more moderate have limited themselves to stating that it is certainly not you who decide what a coin is. This task should be left to the investors. And, paradoxically, to those markets of which Lagarde is accused of being an expression, albeit a negative one.

For cryptocurrencies, the road in Europe promises to be uphill

At the end of the carousel, however, it seems quite clear that the road in Europe is going uphill for digital assets. The words of the number one of the ECB, in fact, are not to be neglected. Going in particular to reflect the convictions of the financial establishment of the dominant groups on the old continent.
It should also be emphasized how the ECB itself has already begun to examine the possibility of launching a digital euro. Which, ultimately, could prove to be the ideal weapon to cut the way to Bitcoin and its sisters.

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