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Coinbase Commerce: the platform has processed 200 million transactions

La platform has processed as many as 200 million of transactions. The report by Coinbase Commerce it is positive considering the course of the last 2 years.

The number of transactions that were processed by Coinbase Commerce, this allows you to understand that bitcoin and other cryptocurrency they are also used as a payment method. The report revealed that stablecoins, rather than cryptocurrencies, such as the USDC, are mainly spent. Its support was added last May with a reward program. 

Always according to the report, the dealers are 8 thousand, who use Coinbase Commerce worldwide. As explained by Zettler, the project leader of the Coindesk and Coinbase Commerce section: traders often tell us that they prefer use cryptocurrencies known and trusted most.

According to Zettler, the next steps of the project still foresee various futures, even if he has not specified which ones they are. Recently, however, Coinbase has launched a refund program which allows you to get a refund in case of error in purchases or incorrect payment.

For about a year, Coinbase has also launched its debit card to be able to comfortably spend cryptocurrencies and between these also the DAI stablecoin. The same card was then added to the Google Pay application for about 10 days.

In the meantime, in Italy the third payment method more used by Postepay e PayPal regarding transactions that are carried out through e-commerce.

Even in the United States, however, there are more and more people who they accept cryptocurrency payments. Data reveal that in January 2020, 59% of companies used cryptocurrencies, of which 36% are listed as SMEs.

Debit cards and escrow platforms are very simple to accept and spend cryptocurrencies in stores. According to experts, the spread of Covid-19 and the inflation generated will lead to the adoption of cryptocurrencies in terms of store of value as a payment method.

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