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Coinbase goes public on Nasdaq but without IPO

Coinbase will be listed on Nasdaq tomorrow April 14 without launching an initial IPO.

Coinbase IPO - Coinbase goes public on Nasdaq but without IPO

The launch of Coinbase on the Nasdaq New York Stock Exchange will be held tomorrow April 14. The company will therefore be listed on the stock exchange but without an initial IPO. In fact, there will be no initial public offering as the company will not put its shares for sale at a certain price. There will therefore be no placement price either. It will simply enable the ability to sell one's shares to those who hold them.

Coinbase in fact, after the listing on the stock exchange it only envisaged limited exchanges within the secondary market and there is no news regarding an issue of shares on the primary market. Therefore, without the issue of new shares the company will enter a be part of a direct listing which provides for opening to the public and the possibility of buying and selling existing shares.

The ultimate goal, therefore, is not to raise funds, but mainly to list the company on the stock exchange, giving shareholders the opportunity to monetize the shares they own. In this way Coinbase presents itself as the first company of crypto US to be listed on Nasdaq.

The actions being sold on the secondary market they will not be available from the opening of the stock exchange, but presumably in the middle of the day or in the afternoon, given that the shareholders must sell them. This is why even the starting price is not known, although some estimate a starting figure around 400 dollars, in any case, the opening price could be revealed late in the evening, on Wednesday when there will be the first effective trade.

Coinbase shares they can also be bought through a brokerage company. However, they do not foresee dividends, although in the future they could be issued if the company were to grow. The demand for the shares will presumably be higher than for the issued shares hence the initial price it might even grow above the alleged $ 400.

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