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Coinbase is now an official partner of the NBA

Relations between sports and cryptocurrencies continue to intensify

Coinbase is now an official partner of the National Basket Association (NBA), the most important professional basketball league globally. The announcement of the agreement reached between the two parties once again confirms the ever closer link between the world of cryptocurrency and sport.
The collaboration includes a long series of initiatives aimed at raising awareness on blockchain and to grow the economy crypto. In particular, the Coinbase logo and its brand would appear in plain sight during the televised competitions relating to the men's and women's championships.. Furthermore theexchange of cryptocurrencies would also be partner of NBA G League, NBA 2k League and USA Basketball.

Coinbase - Coinbase is now an official partner of the NBA

The statements of Kate Rouch and the NBA

To comment on the agreement reached was Kate Rouch, Chief Marketing Officer of Coinbase, who said that the freedom to participate and benefit from the things you believe in, is the center of the mission of Coinbase, it's the same creed as NBA and WNBA fans. Precisely for this reason, the platform is proud to become the official cryptocurrency partner of the two leagues. Rouch then said that within the established collaboration experiences will be created to interact with the NBA, as well as with the WNBA community and athletes around the world.
On the side of the NBA it was Kerry Tatlock, to comment on the collaboration undertaken with Coinbase, indicating the exchange as a natural partner for the league, precisely because of the dynamism and robust doses of innovation that characterize it. Then adding the impatience of the NBA in view of the initiatives aimed at improving the experience for fans who are already users of Coinbase.

Relations between sport and the cryptographic world intensify

The deal between the NBA and Coinbase is only the latest act of an increasingly evident trend. It was there CNBC , to recall how over the last year the sports leagues have enthusiastically embraced the sponsorships of cryptocurrencies, seeing in them the best way to overcome the losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in progress.
A trend that has unified the NBA franchises, Formula 1, Major League Baseball and even the Drone Racing League) DRL). Which have received lavish sponsorship from companies engaged in financial innovation. Just think that the Algorand platform will pay $ 100 million over the next five years to the DRL. While last June theagreement between Formula 1 and, which will pay 100 million dollars to see its logo appear on the racing circuits of the world.

Coinbase's response to FTX

The real coup scored by Coinbase, can be considered as one response to FTX. The platform conceived by Sam Bankman Fried, in fact, in the past few days had given life to a promotional initiative that has been talked about a lot. That is the donation of $ 500 in cryptocurrencies to those who crowded one of the sectors of the FTX Arena, the facility that hosts the Miami Heat home games.
An initiative which, moreover, is only the latest act of a strategy implemented by the exchange platform. Just think that previously, FTX paid $ 135 million to the Florida team to secure the right to name the arena. A very high figure, but completely in line with the standards of an NBA that grinds income thanks to its reputation. Which spills over to anyone who decides to collaborate with it.


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