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Coinbase officially deletes XRP from its exchange

Coinbase has decided to officially eliminate Ripple from its exchange, after it represented the third for marketcap for several years.

Ripple - Coinbase officially deletes XRP from its exchange

Coinbase has decided to officially eliminate Ripple from its platform. The day that had long been feared by the infamous holders of XRP has arrived. In fact, it has now officially disappeared from exchange the cryptocurrency that has occupied the third for several years position for marketcap. 

Unfortunately, the suspension period on the platform was useless. In fact, the accusation that was made by the SEC of the United States against XRP led the exchange to opt for total removal, leaving a disappointing scenario for holders of the currency.

Through a Coinbase tweet stated: As previously announced, Coinbase has suspended trading on XRP. Client access to wallets will only be available for withdrawal and deposit functionality. Indeed, Coinbase will continue to support XRP on Coinbase Wallet and on Coinbase Custody.

From what can be seen, the only glimmer of light for the holders of this cryptocurrency is to be able to keep or buy it, without however to be able to trade it on Coinbase. However, this news has brought a lot of instability, especially within the communities, where there is a strong and constant request for information, forecasts, confirmations.

Many are also denouncing suspended transactions, including those that were carried out as a withdrawal from Coinbase, hardwallet, other wallets and Exchange XRP addresses. 

Now that XRP has left the Coinbase exchange we can say that for this cryptocurrency the new year begins with a negative sign. In fact, Ripple first recorded a collapse in value and market capitalization, subsequently there was also a drop in the price. 

The fact that the SEC took so much interest in taking action against Ripple also led to the delisting of XRP from different exchange platforms such as:, OkCoin and OSL. 

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