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Coinspace: Review and opinions

Investors' interest in Coinspace grows together with doubts, uncertainties, confusions. We have prepared for Coinspace a review who wants to clarify, explain well what it is and how it works.

On the one hand, more and more people consider this token not just a valid asset but the cryptocurrency of the year. On the other hand, there are those who fear it is a scam. Who between the two is right?

We have analyzed opinions and reviews of those who have used this investment method.

Here is everything you need to know absolutely.

Coinspace Review: what it is, how it works

According to the directors to get profits with Coinspace you can use them two methods:

- introduce other customers to be attracted to the platform;

- do the mining of a cryptocurrency.

Coinspace presents itself as a solution to mine a cryptocurrency, by selling and trading it on your own.

do mining you have to invest money but, apparently, on this platform the mining of crypto to date does not work 100%, so it is impossible to generate cryptocurrency. It does not allow you to earn even a cent.

The other method remains: introduce new people within the site.

The method of introducing other customers works with one ponzi scheme (of pyramid sales) absolutely forbidden in Italy. It consists of this: introducing other paying customers who, in this way, will 'fuel' the profits of the old customers. A vicious circle to be wary of.

Buy packages on Coinspace

Coinspace allows you to buy packages through which get S-Coin points for the purpose of investing. These packages have a cost in euros in view of profits.

I packages offered from Coinspace are:

- Minimum Mine (30 S-Coins), cost 300 euros;

- Basic Mine (100 S-Coins), cost 700 euros;

- Quarter Mine (250 S-Coins), cost 1.500 euros;

- Half Mine (500 S-Coins), cost € 3.000;

- Full Mine (1000 S-Coins), cost 6.000 euros;

- Double Mine (2000 S-Coins), cost 12.000 euros.

You can earn in various ways:

- commissions paid to new affiliates or directly to new affiliates;

- passive earnings offered every month;

- commissions paid to a clearing house.

The member earns to recruit new affiliates and according to how much they invest:

- Minimum Mine 35 euros;

- Basic Mine 84 euros;

- Quarter Mine 180 euros;

- Half Mine 360 ​​euros;

- Full Mine 720 euros;

- Double Mine 1.440 euros.

Under the conditions of Coinspace, at least the 25% of the commissions receipts need to be invested again in the platform and it is impossible to pick them up.

The Coinspace S-Coin cryptocurrency

According to the administrators of Coinspace, their cryptocurrency (S-Coin) in a short time should increase in value.

There is no information on S-Coin and bad signals arrive from the site: it is not working and not updated, absolutely not safe.

The latest messages related to Coinspace and posted on the forum BitcoinTalk (dating back to many months ago) are of great concern.

Coinspace Review: Is it reliable?

Is Coinspace cryptocurrency reliable?

In February 2017, the CONSOB (National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange) as a precautionary measure suspended the activity for 3 months promotion of the Coinspace site in reference to the "extraction packages of cryptocurrency".

This suspension has certainly not stopped Coinspace which has once again launched advertising campaigns using the newsletter method.

It is important to know that Coinspace it is not a company registered with CONSOB. The latter stated that the Coinspace it is not reliable. It can't work: thinking about investing with this asset is wasted time.

The only crypto that can work is Bitcoin (more derivatives like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple) which allows you to send and receive money through a completely decentralized network. The smartest way to trade with Bitcoin is to use the best specialized platforms, authorized and regulated by CySEC such as ForexTB, Plus500, Trade.

Coinspace Review: Opinions

There are no judgments proving that Coinspace is a scam even if insiders strongly advise against investing in the crop currency of this platform.

It is important to trade within authorized and regulated online platforms, which moreover do not promise easy money or to become a millionaire when you do not actually earn a penny with mining.

Le user opinions on Coinspace circulating on the forums or on Facebook are discordant, indeed mainly of two types:

- on Coinspace all the money is lost;

- “Coinspace helped me to change my future”.

The latter is a typical catchphrase of those who want to attract new affiliates to their network. Beware of who writes these 'fantastic' comments, it is best to check the sources.

It is worth remembering that CONSOB suspended the functionality of the Coinspace site and activities in Italy, giving a negative opinion.

Why be wary of Coinspace: some more information

The Coinspace site was temporarily obscured by the MFSA but, today, he is back to advertising by promising what he cannot deliver. There Police post has closed the site which continues to appear under different aliases.

Lo pyramid scheme on which Coinspace is based is risky and undoubtedly illegal. We are aimed at those who do not intend to invest to lose everything.

Everyone knows that the value of a cryptocurrency is determined by the supply and demand of the market. S-Coin, on the other hand, is issued without rules by a company registered in Malta. Attention: in Malta multilevel marketing systems are not punishable by law. Furthermore, the Malta regulator stated that it has nothing to do with Coinspace.

The few data available on Coinspace these are:

- was registered on 11 March 2015;

- the owner of the website is Danjel Pawl of CoinSpace LTD;

- the registered office is Whitehall Mansions, Flt 9 Luqa Briffa Il, Gzira, GZR 1506.

Can an affiliate scammed by Coinspace recover lost money? We doubt it even if art. 21 of Term and Condition on the site explains that you can send one refund request at the following e-mail address: support [at]

Will the Coinspace administration carry out the accreditation? It is easier to wonder if he will answer or if he is still available.

Good luck.

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