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Craig Wright vs. Square over Bitcoin white paper

However, the electronic payment company does not seem willing to be intimidated

After and, Now Craig Wright has decided to engage in one new legal battle over BTC's white paper. Recipient of the threats from his lawyers is this time Square, who was ordered to stop hosting the document on his site.
The digital payment company, however, doesn't seem willing to sketch at all. So much so that he made it known by return of post that Square does not care to know who invented the queen of cryptocurrency.

Craig Wright Faketoshi - Craig Wright versus Square for the Bitcoin white paper

The terms of the dispute

The now famous white paper was written in October 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, pseudonym behind which the inventor of Bitcoin or a group of people who have worked on its realization.
Craig Wright's claim of the transaction began during 2015, when the Australian businessman claimed he was the real Satoshi Nakamoto and di inventing Bitcoin in competition with Dave Kleiman, meanwhile deceased. A claim which, however, has aroused the decided opposition of the cryptographic community costing Wright an embarrassing nickname: the Faketosh.
At the same time, the tender to host the white paper has also begun. For example, the government of Estonia and Congressman Patrick McHenry did (R-NC). An evidently symbolic gesture aimed at claiming support for the project. Against whom, in recent times, Craig Wright has begun to legally move.

Square's answer

The law firm Ontier LLP, which represents Craig Wright, has in fact given way to a series of warnings against those who have joined the campaign aimed at giving the right prominence to the BTC white paper. As is often the case with Craig Wright's campaigns, however, he moved in the same way as the classic elephant in the glassware. Calling the Australian business man a doctor, on the basis of a doctorate he would receive from Charles Sturt University, in computer science. Title denied, however, by Forbes after an interview with the academic authorities.
Square's answer, however, came yesterday, by the COPA (Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance), an anti-copyright organization created by the company in September. By asking for more details on Wright's allegation and providing his email address to the Ontier firm, which had sent the initial letter as DM Twitter, claiming they had no other contact details relating to Square.

A new war front

It seems almost a point of honor for Craig Wright to be hated by the rest of the crypto world. Not happy with the legal battle with Ira Kleiman, Dave's brother, over the funds of the Tulip Trust, Faketoshi is in fact collecting a long series of legal disputes with unlikely outcomes.
Notably, this one on the Bitcoin white paper looks like quite surreal. The organizations he warned, in fact, are not using the document for profit, but simply in the form of testimony.
The first to counter Wright's attack was Cobra, the pseudonym behind which the owner of the site is hidden, who had a good game in claiming to have published the Bitcoin white paper with the licensed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which allows free distribution. A line that seems to be the same as Square. All that remains is to follow the umpteenth saga of Faketoshi, to see what will happen this time.

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