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Craig Wright will go to trial on the Tulip Trust matter

The trial was set for January 4, 2021

Craig Wright the question relating to Tulip Trust seems to get worse and worse. The case broke out in 2018, when Ira Kleiman claimed half of the Bitcoin guarded by it, claiming that they were to be traced back to the deceased brother David.
This is a quantity equal to 1,1 million tokens which according to him had been drawn in competition and not exclusively by Craig Wright, which they then remained. The value of which, at current prices, would be over 11 billion dollars.

Craig Wright Faketoshi - Craig Wright will go to trial on the Tulip Trust matter

What the Florida court decided

After a long series of preliminary events, now the Florida court order has finally arrived, signed by the judge Beth Bloom. According to which, the controversial Australian businessman will have to go through a full trial.
A decision that Wright's defense had tried to avoid by asking for a summary judgment. A request based on six complaints, which after having tried to put forward the hypothesis of a lack of jurisdiction in the matter of the court and asked for the prescription, also motivated it with the inability of Ira Kleiman to prove the existence of a oral partnership between brother and Wright. The order was issued on the past September 4th and set the start of the trial for January 4 next year.

The Faketoshi saga could end very badly

The developments of the lawsuit filed by Ira Kleiman will certainly please a large number of leading exponents of the cryptographic world. Within which Wright made many powerful enemies. Evidently bothered by the businessman's attempt to introduce himself as the real Satoshi Nakamoto.
A claim which particularly prompted Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, Peter McCormack and Roger Ver, well-known supporter of Bitcoin Cash, to brand it as a real scammer.
Wright's response was very harsh, resulting in a series of lawsuits filed against them. His rude statements, however, earned him an infamous nickname from the community of BTC fans: the Faketosh.

An endless series of clumsy moves

The hatred towards Craig Wright stems from a long series of extremely clumsy moves on his part. Two of the main ones should be mentioned:

  1. la filing a US copyright claim for the original Bitcoin white paper, as well as for an important part of the code that was used for its launch;
    2) the presentation of a series of Bitcoin addresses that were supposed to prove his identification as the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Among these addresses, however, there was also one that was used to steal the funds of Mt. Gox, the exchange robbed of 80 thousand Bitcoins in 2014. A theft that was the basis of its failure.

Craig Wright's troubles could get even bigger

Just the second move could prove to be a source of further trouble for the Australian businessman. Indeed, among those who lost their money in the crash of Mt. Gox, many never gave up. By filing a long series of motions in US courts, with the aim of being able to get back the stolen goods.
What Wright said in the course of the lawsuit filed by Ira Kleiman will hardly have escaped the lawyers involved in these lawsuits. Which they may soon be knocking on his door to present the bill.

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