News Crypto and cryptocurrencies Coin makes a dramatic rise after the Staples Center deal

The token is now in 15th place on the CoinMarketCap ranking Coin (CRO) is currently the protagonist of a sensational increase in its price, as a result of which it has harpooned the 15 th in the ranking of CoinMarketCap relating to market capitalization.
The token has evidently profited greatly from the news related to theXNUMX-year agreement signed by and AEG for the rights to rename the Staples Center in Los Angeles. That is the arena in which they play their home games Lakers e Clippers (NBA), Sparks (WNBA) and Kings (NHL).
A operation for which theexchange, now specializing in sports sponsorship, has invested well 700 million dollars. With the obvious result of causing great uproar, which has positively poured out on CRO, further consolidating the upward trend that has been underway for some time now.

crypto - Coin records a dramatic increase after the Staples Center deal

The growth of Coin

The growth of Coin has been underway for weeks now, resulting in the rapid tearing down of the listing record. If the half dollar was touched on 15 November, the boom of the last few hours pushed the maximum to 0,574. A roof which could, however, be quickly retouched, given the current trend.
According to many observers, the decision taken by Coinbase, which has included it in its negotiations, would have made CRO's great growth possible. In the last few hours, however, the agreement relating to the Staples Center is certainly the factor that has triggered a new race, at this moment without brakes.
In fact, the Los Angeles arena is not only the home of the city's greatest sporting glories, but also the location where major events take place, such as ceremonies for the Grammy Awards or musical concerts.

Sports marketing is paying off

The agreement relating to the Los Angeles plant represents the umpteenth act of a strategy on which has focused with great strength, namely the sports marketing. The union between companies in the crypto sector and companies from many sports disciplines (football and basketball, in particular) is in fact becoming increasingly tight. With the result of guaranteeing significant benefits to counterparties.
If sports clubs can plug the flaw caused in their balance sheets by the closure of their facilities to the public aimed at facing Covid 19, which has only recently been revoked, companies dedicated to financial innovation can in turn send their advertising messages to a very wide audience, like that represented by the supporters. Carving out the further opportunity to increase the clientele thanks to the many initiatives put in place to bring fans closer to the cryptographic world. is preparing to consolidate its presence in Los Angeles

The agreement with AEG relating to the Staples Center, it also seems the prelude to a landing in force on the west coast of the United States. To confirm this were the leaders of the exchange stationed in Singapore, starting from Kris Marszalek, its founder and CEO.
A move that seems to be the answer to the increasingly close partnership between FTX and Miami, which had recently resulted in the agreement relating to the rights to rename the arena in which their home games play. Heat, another well-known NBA franchise.
It remains to be seen whether even the largest Californian center can become a candidate for the role of global cryptographic hub in the ongoing challenge between Miami and New York. A battle which the Big Apple has signed up for after the success of Eric Adams in the municipal authorities. The new mayor, in fact, has never hidden his ambitions in this sense.

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