News Crypto and cryptocurrencies sponsor of the Italian Cup 2021

The exchange has announced the agreement with Lega Serie A announced the launch of a collaboration with the League Soccer of our country. As a result of which the cryptocurrency payments platform founded in 2016 will sponsor the Cup final Italy, second Italian football competition, which will take place next 19 May at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia. A novelty of no small importance, yet another for a tournament which is raising quite a few controversies in Italy.

crypto - sponsor of the 2021 Italian Cup

The statements of the Lega Serie A

To comment on the agreement reached was Luigi De Servant, the CEO of Lega Serie A. It was he who highlighted the pride in the partnership just undertaken with the cryptographic payments company. Which moves in the perspective of an expansion of the public interested in our football and an international growth of the brand.
It should however be specified that the agreement in question should not be limited to this particular occasion. But, on the contrary, it should continue into the future, on the basis of formulas aimed at giving the greatest possible visibility to the collaboration undertaken.'s comment

Of course, also wanted to comment on the agreement reached. Has been Kris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of the company, to affirm all his satisfaction for the achievement of an agreement which represents a practically unique opportunity to support a real phenomenon such as Italian football. By sponsoring a event destined to be seen by hundreds of millions of fans of this sport located in every part of the globe. Including many of the over 100 million users currently registered on the platform.

The initiatives in the pipeline

The Reggio Emilia final represents an extremely awaited event, especially by the fans of theAtalanta. The Bergamo team is in fact in a moment of considerable growth and will compete with the great par excellence of Italian football, that Juventus who just this year had to abdicate after a streak of nine consecutive titles won, in favor of the historic rival, theMilan International.
Precisely in consideration of the great importance of the event, has decided to give life to one NFT collection (Non Fungible Token). The collection will include the highlights (i.e. the main stages of the race) and a non-fungible token of the trophy. For which a considerable welcome from collectors is expected.

The controversy over the Italian Cup

It should also be emphasized that the Coppa Italia is in these hours the subject of hot controversy. The second trophy in order of importance has in fact given rise to a reform project that would exclude minor teams, ie those participating in semi-professional tournaments, from the competition. Reserving the same for the Serie A and B teams.
In practice, the same direction aimed at the exclusion of the realities considered minor that had been recently pursued by Superalloy. That is, the project carried out by some large Serie A, Liga and Premier League clubs was wrecked in the short span of 48 hours. Those were enough for fans from all over Europe to declare themselves opposed to an elitist logic which represents the exact opposite of the logic underlying sport.
Also in this case the controversy immediately rose in tone, leading not only the fans, but also a part of the political world to declare their aversion to this kind of logic, which are in practice poisoning the most popular sport in the world.

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