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Cryptocurrencies break into the race to choose the mayor of New York

The senior candidates seek the vote of the cryptofans of the Big Apple

The race to choose the next mayor of New York is now in full swing. A competition which naturally sees the candidates of the two major parties in the front row, that is Eric adams for Democrats e Curtis Sliwa for Republicans. And that, as the date of the electoral consultation approaches, sees the issues on the table becoming more and more precise.
Among which, surprisingly enough, the one related to cryptocurrency. With both candidates belly on the ground in an attempt to secure the vote of the cryptofans, which are many in the city and could have a certain impact on the final result.

Eric Adams - Cryptocurrencies are in the race to choose the mayor of New York

Eric Adams has always been a proponent of cryptocurrencies

Eric Adams, the candidate who emerged from the Democratic primary, has long been considered a proponent of digital assets. So much so that during his electoral campaign he went so far as to fan the hypothesis of transforming the big Apple into a real cryptographic hub.
At the beginning of the summer, in the middle of his party's primaries, he bluntly stated his intention to make the city a preferential destination for those who intend to do business. Making it the center of life sciences, cybersecurity, self-driving cars, drones and gods Bitcoin.
For those who think of an opportunistic conversion, it should be emphasized that already in 2015 Adams had come out in favor of a New York takeover of Airbnb, commercial establishments selling marijuana and Bitcoin.

Curtis Sliwa: his statements on digital money

On the other hand, Curtis Sliwa's enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies is more recent, but no less contagious. The Republican candidate, in fact, he tweeted his intention to turn New York into the most welcoming city in the country towards virtual money, in case of victory. For example, opening up to the payment of taxes and duties in cryptocurrency. Or by favoring the further diffusion of TMJ, i.e. ATMs dedicated to digital money.
A plan which has the specific intent of modernizing the economy and promoting financial inclusion. A theme that is actually very much felt even in a reality like that of New York. Where many people do not have the ability to manage their assets with basic tools such as a bank account.

Andrew Yang, the veteran

Then there is a third, independent candidate who does not hide his propensity towards cryptocurrencies. It is about Andrew Yang, already known for having participated in the primaries of the Democratic party which culminated in the election of Joe Biden.
The Taiwanese-born lawyer had already tried to bring the issue of financial innovation to general attention, relying on the showcase ensured by the Democratic primaries. Now he is preparing to do it again, knowing from the outset that he does not have much chance of affirmation against the two traditional parties. However, it can count on the support of the community of cryptofans, who are also many in the Big Apple.
Yang also intends to make New York a real hub for the sector. A purpose which, however, risks clashing with the dynamism already highlighted by Miami. Where the mayor Francis Suarez has already started a series of projects in this sense. Thus taking the lead in a race that, in all likelihood, will see other participants join in the near future. Precisely in consideration of the growing importance assumed by virtual assets.

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