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Cryptocurrencies, the strange link with the US conservative right

Politics bursts with a great bang in the crypto sector

Le cryptocurrency they now represent a central topic in the political discussion of the United States. If, however, until a few days ago the attention of observers was focused on quarrels between Hillary Clinton and Cynthia Lummis on the dangers and opportunities associated with them, the focus is now rapidly shifting to the issue of the conservative right's extremely aggressive approach to digital money.

Joe Biden - Cryptocurrencies, the strange link with the US conservative right

Candace Owens tweet

To revive the discussion was a tweet from Candace Owens, well-known author and columnist of the Stars and Stripes Alt Right. "Finally into crypto and ALL IN on this Let's Go Brandon coin. Because, #LetsGoBrandon ”: this is the message, which brought back a now viral insult against Joe Biden.
The story is now known and relates to the attempt by an NBC journalist to pass the insults of the public of a NASCAR race against the current tenant of the White House for a chorus in favor of the interviewed driver, Brandon Brown.
The story of Talladega, the center of Alabama where the race took place, was then ridden by <br><br>Donald Trump, who had t-shirts printed with the words "Let's go Brandon“, As well as from the US right, with a real flood of hashtags on social media. So that Ted Cruz, a possible Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential race, had himself portrayed during the World Series of baseball with a sign bearing the phrase.

Let's go Brandon is now a token

The Let's Go Brandon meme was then reprized in the form of a new crypto project, which naturally enjoyed the broad support of the conservative right, albeit at the moment only in words. He soon found himself sharing it with another token on the same line, but much more explicit towards the President, that is FJB, acronym of that "Fuck You Biden”Which was the insult of a part of the Talladega audience, which certainly does not need to be translated into our language.
FJB, in particular, bears the effigy of Ryan Fournier, another political activist and co-founder of the American youth group Students for Trump. He suddenly became known two weeks ago when he tweeted his support for Let's go Brandon cryptocurrency. Recalling in a very controversial way that thanks to it it was possible to allocate 30 thousand dollars to charities which deal with veterans. More than Biden has done for them in his entire life.

The right-wing precedents with cryptocurrencies

At the moment, neither of the two tokens managed to free themselves from mediocrity. They have not in fact come out of a narrow circle and do not seem capable of attracting interest from investors. Proof of the fact that the conservative sectors do not seem very interested in practice in a phenomenon that could be at the expense of the dollar.
However, it should be emphasized that the right, in this extreme case, has in any case made no scruple in using digital assets to finance itself, in the recent past.
In fact, earlier this year, an investigation revealed that Andrew Anglin, founder of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, has received donations of approximately $ 5 million in Bitcon, from January 2017. As well as the rioters of Capitol Hill they had in turn received a total of more than that half a million of dollars.
La Financial Action Task Force he then revealed, for his part, how far-right groups have used the so-called privacy coin for their own activities.

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