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Cryptocurrencies: What Could Happen If Trump Is Re-elected?

The next US presidential elections are a real puzzle for cryptofans

Donald Trump he certainly cannot be considered a friend of digital money. Hostile to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, it has always defended the dollar, clearly considering it the fulcrum of the United States' global leadership. An attitude that has bothered the cryptofans community a lot. Paradoxically, however, his election could prove to be good for digital assets, as some analysts are pointing out. Let's go and see the reason for this paradox.

cryptocurrencies - Cryptocurrencies: what could happen in the event of Trump's re-election?

US presidential elections: what's the situation at the moment?

As the electoral deadline approached, polls began to become more and more frequent. Those at your disposal still seem to credit a notable gap between Joe Biden, the Democratic challenger and the current tenant of the White House.
Trump, in fact, at this stage it is paying for the riots caused in many cities of the country by the events in Minneapolis and a very poor management of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Some analysts, however, point out that his rallies are extremely well attended, unlike those of his rival. Whether the latter is a good sign remains to be seen, in light of what it is often remembered in Italy on the wave of the precedents of 1948: full squares, empty ballot boxes.

Cryptocurrencies: Would a Trump Defeat Really Be Best?

The data provided by the polls naturally opened the discussion on what could happen in the near future.
The crypto community has done it too. By wondering about who could be the best candidate for digital money, not only in the light of the predisposition towards it, but also for the reflexes in case of a victory of one or the other.
In the discussion he was especially noted Gregory Klumov, the CEO of Stasis.

What Gregory Klumov said

According to him, in fact, the most favorable hypothesis for cryptocurrencies would be a re-election of Donald Trump. The reason is to be found in the fact that his confirmation at the White House would have a consequence very aggressive monetary policy, with the dollar heavily devalued in order to favor exports. Or a very high level of inflation, which would prompt many investors to seek alternative assets. Among them, a catalyst role could therefore be played by the most popular Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Cryptocurrencies: Many analysts agree with Klumov

As you can understand, therefore, that of Klumov is not a political judgment, but only the point of view of a person who works in the virtual assets sector.
A point of view also shared by many analysts. According to which the choices made by the Federal Reserve under Trump's influence are able to generate inflation indices that favor cryptocurrencies. Beyond the personal positions of the president, who are also notoriously hostile to digital money. While those of the Democrats seem much more possible, who went so far as to declare themselves in favor of digital money on the occasion of the presentation of their counter-plan of economic aid in conjunction with the onset of Covid-19.
On the occasion of the lockdown, in fact, the opposition did not have excessive hesitation in proposing to resort to cryptocurrencies to favor electronic payments and avoid the possible dangers associated with the use of that cash that is suspected of acting as a vehicle for the virus. For the critics world, therefore, the next presidential elections will be a puzzle of no small importance.

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