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Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance sues Craig Wright

This time it is the Australian businessman who is being sued

La Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) decided to bring Craig Wright in court. For the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, renamed Faketoshi by numerous detractors, this is a novelty of no small importance. Usually, in fact, it is he who has recourse to justice in order to resolve the many disputes in which he is the protagonist.

Craig Wright - Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance sues Craig Wright

What has happened

The story that prompted COPA to resort to justice is that relating to beware sent by Wright's lawyers to those who had decided to publish, not for profit, but purely for information, the white paper by Bitcoin. Including Square, and, with various results. In fact, if had bowed to the injunction, the others did not. They have also been joined by other entities, starting with the governments of Estonia and Colombia.
The Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance, in turn, had hesitated earlier in the year. Deciding to ask Wright's lawyer for clarification and, above all, di show evidence that the Australian businessman was really Satoshi Nakamoto. As indeed Wright was asked by the court called to judge on the lawsuit brought by Ira Kleiman in relation to the Bitcoin held by the Tulip Trust.

What is the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance

The Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance was established by Square, in September of last year. Its purpose is to prevent the claiming of patents relating to the technology on which the cryptocurrency by the companies involved, unless they are essential for the defense of the technology itself.
Companies wishing to join have the obligation to accept the permanence in the alliance for a minimum of three years. While all patents that undertake not to enforce (if not defensively) during their period at COPA will still be subject to the Patent Pledge should they decide to exit. During the membership period they are also required to contribute to a shared patent library which allows other members to use patents defensively against external patent trolls. Thus giving way even to small companies to have a shield with which to protect themselves from patent attackers.

Patent trolling: now it's Craig Wright's turn

Among the members of COPA there are other prominent companies besides Square, among which the presence of exchange of cryptocurrency Coinbase, Creak and OKCoin and companies of the caliber of Microstrategy, BitPay and Blockstream.
A very difficult opponent for Wright, who has alienated many sympathies with his insane conduct over the years. During which the number one of nChain often intended to settle scores with his opponents in the courtrooms.
In one of these lawsuits, the one relating to the Tulip Trust, his behavior has literally infuriated many protagonists of the crypto space. Starting from Dan Held, Kraken's Director of Business Development, who pointed to Wright as a pure and simple scammer. Adding to not being able to understand how there is still someone in the environment willing to give him credit. What unifies his detractors is in particular the belief that Craig Wright's behaviors do nothing but sowing discredit on the cryptographic space. Consequently favoring its many enemies.

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