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Dan Larimer leaves, EOS loses 16%

A political career awaits him?

Dan Larimer left the past 31 December. The former Chief Technology Officer announced his decision via a post published on Voice, a social networking platform built on the blockchain di EOS.
An announcement which puts an end to an adventure that lasted three years, that is those that have elapsed since the appearance of the token on the cryptographic market, after an Initial Coin Offering rewarded with a 4 billion dollar collection. Clear sign of the trust that the blockchain was immediately surrounded by, presenting itself as a rival to Ethereum.

EOS - Dan Larimer leaves, EOS loses 16%

The words of Dan Larimer

On the Voice blog, Larimer said he wants to continue building solutions that can lay real foundations for the free market and aimed at guaranteeing life, liberty, property and justice for all. All seasoned with a pretty cryptic message: "I don't know exactly what will happen, but I'm inclined to build more censorship-resistant technologies." Enough to push more than one observer to draw the consequences and predict his next entry into politics.

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Dan Larimer and the recent elections

What Larimer said about censorship-resistant technologies seems entirely in line with some recent messages he has published. Always on Voice, in fact, he had stated that over half of his Twitter followers believe the recent US presidential election has been manipulated. Also affirming his desire to boycott the social network, which has jumped to the headlines in recent days. That is after you have decided to suspend the <br><br>Donald Trump, after the events of Capitol Hill, with the assault of right-wing militias on the United States Congress. Naturally, in the event that his descent into the field takes place, it is not difficult to predict that the composite line-up which moves behind the now former tenant of the White House will have as a natural result.

The EOS landslide

The news relating to Dan Larimer has gone to intertwine with one fall in the order of 16% recorded by EOS in the last hours. If someone immediately linked the two facts, it should be emphasized that in the same time frame the cryptographic markets have recorded a decline of 17%. Which involved practically all the major projects in the sector. After breaking through the trillion dollar wall, they have in fact given rise to a sharp correction, losing over sixty. At least according to the data published by Nomics, which show how a single virtual currency escaped the fall. It is about DAI, or rather a token which is subject to heavy purchases every time the market falls.

For EOS the non-brilliant moment continues

As for EOS, however, the fall of the last few hours is not exactly a surprise. In fact, its performances over the last year have never thrilled. After reaching its maximum on February 13, jumping over $ 5, it then started a significant decline in the following month. On March 16 it had folded back to 2 dollars, only to find some stability during the bull run triggered by Bitcoin. Now that investors seem to be taking the cash, it is therefore not surprising that it has fallen in the last few hours. However, which does not seem to depend on the moves of Dan Larimer.

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