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Dash announces the arrival of the new EvoNet testnet platform

Dash recently communicated through its team of developers that la blockchain will soon see the launch of the new one EvoNet testnet platform. 

The EvoNet Testnet it will be a public infrastructure designed to allow testing of the features provided by Evolution. The launch of this new infrastructure is expected to take place on 30 December 2019.

One of the main features of EvoNet will therefore be the opportunity to test all the new functions that have been designed to improve the platform Dash, mainly aimed at not blocking and slowing down the blockchain, in addition, the control of the details of some test errors. 

Through the new update that takes the name of Dash Evolution the developers also want to introduce the possibility of being able to enter a personal username directly on the blockchain, in this way it will also be able to simplify the management of the various user accounts.

Among the novelties of Dash there is also the development of the DashPay, an application that will allow the whole community to make transactions in a simpler and faster way, also increasing the level of privacy compared to when it happened before.

Thanks for the news introduced by Dash and the EvoNet platform, the blockchain will expand its range, from being a payment method for privacy, to having an entire platform that is based on a blockchain and therefore can can also be applied to different sectors.

Recently, the Dash development team has taken some important steps. For example, during the last period it is managed to mitigate the attack by 51% and at the same time managed to enter the list of Coinbase Pro and entered the Pionex platform.

Currently the cryptocurrency shows up at position 26 of the CoinMarketCap and is exchanged around 39 dollars. 

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