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Dash: Dashplay testnet completed

Dash announced on twitter that it has completed the Dashplay testnet which will allow the launch of two updates

Dash - Dash: Dashplay testnet completed

After 5 years of development on the testnet on DashPlay and Dash Platform, Dash next month it will launch two updates. This is what was revealed on Twitter by Fruit Salad Panda who pointed out that in the last month Dash has also recovered five positions on Coinmarketcap and in a few weeks he hopes to be able to recover more, thanks to the launch of these two updates.

Right now, Dash is in 26th place and has a market cap equal to 1,1 billion dollarspractically not far from VeChain and with IOTA immediately behind her. Over the last few weeks there have also been advantages from the point of view of the price which has in fact gone from 65 dollars to a peak of 120 dollars.

It must be said, however, that it is very far from 2017 when they reached an all-time high of $ 1493 but it is still much more than the $ 40 at the beginning of this year. But which ones what's new about Dash on your testnet? 

The latest news that will be launched over the next few weeks are the Dashpay which will also allow you to create user names on blockchain and the Dash Platform which instead provides a platform for developers that presents a decentralized HTTP API for the first time in the world.

It must be said that however, within the community that supports cryptocurrency there is an almost excessive enthusiasm for these two novelties. In fact, some expect the price to return to historic highs and exceed them 20 times over the years to come.

So far as we returned just below 1500 dollars, the price would rise by 1.200%, a projection that is really difficult to validate at least at the moment. In fact, for the new highs that have been hypothesized there will be a mandatory need for further growth of cryptocurrency by 1900%. Excessive and even more complex growth.

At the moment, these predictions are complex and get a correct result. Because at the moment, we have to wait for the two updates to be published. Subsequently it will be possible to understand whether or not these innovations will lead to an improvement in Dash's performance on the market and if we will see an appreciation and improvement of its position on CoinMarketcap. 

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