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Dash: new changes to the Proof of Stake to improve its eco-system

Dash has made new changes to the Proof of Stake in order to improve the entire eco-system and make it more accessible to users.

Dash - Dash: new changes to the Proof of Stake to improve its eco-system

Dash the 30 September has announced new changes to its Proof of Stake to improve its eco-system.

The company responsible for the development and the developer of the Dash Core Group as also reported on Medium stated that: I binaries of Dash Core v0.16.0.1 have been released and will now be implemented on the mainnet soon by the node operators. This very important release is an update that will be mandatory for all masternode and the miners. 

The network update allows the improvement of the DASH eco-system in various ways, these tools are implemented for the appropriate confirmation of the software for masternodes, improvements of the wallet and the user interface. In addition, there will be stringent guarantees of anonymity when using the PrivateSend, the non custodial option of currency mixing. 

As reported by the Dash note, the update would also have included a new modification for its block reward system in order to improve the Dash economy and consequently also modifying the percentages provided for rewards. 

On September 18 Dash finally, it also published another update, regarding Dash Platform, a platform that uses a decentralized cloud to store various information on the blockchain. The project is following the objectives that have been defined within Dash Evolution the manifesto that wants to simplify the user experience more and more for all users. The updates of September 30th are also always designed in perspective of the Dash Evolution manifesto. 

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