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Dash: Work in progress for the network

The changes were announced on September 30th

Dash is one of privacy coin most known and used ever, together with Monero, Grin e Zcash. Just to try to improve its confidentiality offer, it has launched a series of tests aimed at improving its network economy.
Changes in progress were announced by Dash core group, the working group responsible for the development of the token. Who proceeded to publicize, on September 30, the changes that have been made to proof-of-stake consensus mechanism (PoS) on which the system is based.
An announcement which naturally aroused much curiosity, not only on the part of the community gathered around the project.

Dash coin - Dash: work in progress for the network

The announcement of the developers of Dash

In particular, the developers of Dash have used Medium to launch the announcement of the release of the Dash Core v0.16.0.1 binaries, which are now ready for distribution on the mainnet by node operators. While remembering how the update is mandatory for both miners and i masternode.

Dash: what are the changes made?

The tests carried out have produced an update of the network thanks to which it has been possible to improve the ecosystem of Dash in several aspects.
In particular, new methods have been launched to confirm the appropriate software of the masternode owner and the user interface of the masternode has been improved. wallet. Of course, improvements in terms of privacy could not be missing, which is basically what makes Dash special. Which have interested above all PrivateSend, the option of mixing the project's unattended coins.

Changes to the reward system

Another very delicate aspect was then addressed in the test phase, namely that relating to bulk reward system. Which have been reallocated with the intent of decisively improving Dash's economy.
Of course, it now remains to be verified whether the new token system really constitutes an advance compared to the original project, also in consideration of the natural curiosity of the market for a cryptocurrency that aims to give massive doses of confidentiality to its users. And that's precisely for this reason for some time now it has also been the subject of attention from the authorities.
Attention which could cause quite a few problems to Dash, especially if the same treatment applied to Monero was reserved for it.

Privacy coin in the crosshairs

As mentioned at the beginning, the privacy coins aim to give strong doses of confidentiality to those who use them. A feature that made Dash the ideal fuel for transactions that take place on illegal Dark Web merchandise. Those where the trafficking of drugs, arms and human beings takes place day after day.
Although reports from recent months state the Dash's completely negligible role in these trades, the token continues to be viewed with great suspicion by law enforcement authorities on illegal practices taking place on the network.
And Dash, like Monero, could soon be the subject of an offensive aimed at crushing its usefulness in this regard. In particular by forcing the exchange to exclude it from their negotiations, on the basis of the regulations KYC (Know Your Customer) e AML (Anti Money Laundering). A threat that, apparently, has not moved Dash's working group for now, at least judging by the attention once again reserved to privacy profiles.

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