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Deutsche Bank: Bitcoin is important you can't ignore it

A new report from Deutsche Bank pointed out that Bitcoin is too important, so it cannot be ignored.

Bitcoin 1 - Deutsche Bank: Bitcoin is important and cannot be ignored

Deutsche Bank in a newly published report explicitly made it known that the Bitcoin turns out to be too important and cannot be ignored.

On the second page of the Deutsche Bank report, in fact, it is written that the market capitalization of one trillion dollars makes it very important, and for this reason it cannot be ignored. 

In Part III of the report that talks about the Bitcoin effect, it was pointed out that this is a very large study that talks about the future of payments. The report regarding BTC has 19 pages that have been subscribed by economist Marion Laboure, collaborator of the Luxembourg Central Bank, of the European Commission and also economist of the Department of Economics of Harvard University.

So the report was signed by a true expert on the subject who produced an in-depth analysis.

In his report the economist Laboure pointed out that Bitcoin is too important to be ignored and stated that as long as companies and asset managers continue to enter the BTC price market and therefore the price it could continue to rise. 

Furthermore, it is also believed that the price of Bitcoin could see the influence of the Tinker Effect. That is that effect that causes more people to believe in something the more likely it is to occur. Laboure added that Central Banks and Governments they are also understanding that the cryptocurrency I'm here to stay. So they should start regulating BTC as early as this year or the beginning of the next.

The economist stated that it is estimated as the less than 30% of the transactional activity of the Bitcoin is linked to payments, while the rest is also partly linked to financial investments which have low liquidity. During 2020, they turn out to be a total of 28 million BTC were traded, that is 150% of the total existing BTC, while Apple shares see a percentage equal to 270%. For this reason, the price might maintain its volatility over time. 

In any case, the analysis conducted by Laboure it is very objective, realistic and thorough. 

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