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Diem: David Marcus confirms the launch for 2021

However, it remains to be seen whether the political obstacles will be overcome

After the news related to vaticinata lawsuit against Diem Association, for the use of a name that was already used by a London company operating in the FinTech sector, now it is David Marcus to bring back the ex Pound under the eyes of public opinion.
The number one of Facebook Financial e New in fact claimed that Mark Zuckerberg's cryptocurrency will see the light together with his wallet during the next year. An announcement which, perhaps, does not take into account the still strong resistance in the political world.

David Marcus Facebook - Diem: David Marcus confirms the launch for 2021

Confirmation of what was announced by the Financial Times

The newspaper said that Diem should be launched in 2021 Financial Times, in the days preceding the outbreak of the dispute between the startup Diem and Facebook. A diatribe arising from the decision to change the name to Libra, now associated with the opposition of the political world and legislators.
A decision which went hand in hand with the change of direction of the same project. If originally it was to be a stablecoin anchored to a basket of fiat currencies, the working group then proceeded to establish a relationship with the dollar alone, under the illusion that this would be enough to remove all obstacles on the path of the new cryptocurrency. A illusion immediately destroyed by the evolution of events.

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The fears of the political world about Diem

If the project is changing shape, it still remains at the initial stage there opposition from the political world, not just the US.
In fact, in recent days the authoritative voice of Olaf Scholz, a powerful German finance minister. Who made statements of fire, stating that a wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf. Adding that Germany and the European Union have no intention of accepting Diem's ​​debut on the financial markets, if the related problems are not solved first.

The currency monopoly must remain in the hands of the state

Even more relevant, however, is another statement made by Scholz. That is the one according to which the currency monopoly must remain in the hands of the state.
A statement that makes it clear what the real fear of global political circles is, that is, that cryptocurrencies, and in particular Diem, can actually achieve the dreaded and feared decentralization. An event which could make it very difficult to combat phenomena such as tax evasion and the laundering of illicit capital. With easily predictable consequences.

Could Diem make Facebook a kind of superstate?

Furthermore, an old fear has returned to the background of the words of the German minister. The one relating to possibility that Facebook will turn into a kind of superstate, an entity even more powerful than the existing state ones. Being able to leverage not only on the latest generation technologies applied to the world of social media, such as to be able to direct public opinion, but also on a real financial resource.
Un in conjunction such as to give the company a power never before had by anyone. And such as to worry above all if it was that Mark Zuckerberg who enjoyed it, who is openly indicated as a threat by many. Especially after the many dull behaviors of the past and it Cambridge Analytica scandal. Which highlighted the attitude of the Facebook founder to circumvent the laws and pursue only and exclusively his own exclusive advantage.

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