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DigitalBits, Francesco Totti is its first global ambassador

The former Roma champion is yet another piece of the company's marketing strategy

Francesco Totti is the first global ambassador of DigitalBits. Il Pupone, one of the greatest Italian footballers of all ages, has in fact signed the contract that makes him a real testimonial of the company that sponsors the Rome Sports Association. Assignment for which, at least according to the rumors that have circulated in recent days, it should receive no less than 5 million euros, even if the duration of the contract has not been specified either, at least for now.
Naturally, the news of the agreement soon went around the globe, precisely in consideration of the notoriety that the former player continues to have, despite the abandonment of the activity, which took place four years ago. Or, it should be said, also as a result of it.

Digitalbits - DigitalBits, Francesco Totti is its first global ambassador

The announcement of the agreement between Totti and DigitalBits

The announcement of the agreement between Totti and DigitalBits was given during a special event, which was held as a theater “La Lanterna” in Via Tomacelli. During which the promotional initiatives were explained that will see the former Giallorossi captain as protagonist starting from the next months.
Totti himself then declared his satisfaction with the launch of the collaboration with a company engaged in an innovative sector such as that of digital assets. Remembering in particular that new technologies are destined to assert themselves in an increasingly disruptive way in our everyday life.

Al Burgio's comment

Even the founder of DigitalBits, At Burgio, wanted to comment on the collaboration established with one of the most famous personalities globally in recent decades, at least as regards the football. Recalling with some satisfaction that precisely the presence of a testimonial like Francesco Totti is able to attract other iconic brands in the ecosystem he created. Considering the clamor aroused by every operation that sees the presence of the former Romanist champion, they do not seem like words in the air.

Who is Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti is not only one of the greatest champions of Italian football of every era, but also a real one standard-bearer of the Roman world. Or that particular popular sentiment that binds the capital to the Rome Sports Association. Of which the Pupone, the nickname by which he is known in the football world, has written some of the most beautiful pages ever, over the more than two decades of career that have seen him link his fate to the Giallorossi club.
A link made explicit by the farewell match played on May 28, 2017, whose images have traveled around the world. As well as from the television series "I was hoping de died first", aired last year, in which the last period of his fantastic career is narrated.

The link between Rome and DigitalBits is getting closer and closer

The agreement previously signed between DigitalBits and AS Roma it is further strengthened by what was signed by Totti with the company from Al Burgio. The Capitoline team, however, was one of the first to practice the path of monetary innovation, signing a collaboration with Members, for the launch of his fan foken, ASR.
During the last summer, Roma therefore signed an agreement with DigitalBits, which became its official sponsor. A partnership for which the company chaired by Dan Friedkin will receive 36 million euros over the next three years. Extremely valuable resources at a time when football club budgets continue to suffer from health restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic.

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