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Digitalbits is the new main sponsor of AS Roma

Confirmed the rumors that have been circulating for days

There was a lot of anticipation among the many fans of the Sports Association Rome, the most important Capitoline team of football. Regarding on the one hand the new game shirt, the first signed by New Balance, after the end of the collaboration with Nike. And on the other, the possibility that the same bear the new main sponsor of the team on the front. For which rumors had started for days about the possibility that it was digitalbits. That is the same company operating in the sector of blockchain which had appeared with New Balance and Hyundai in the first Roman press conference of Jose Mourinho. An expectation largely rewarded by what happened today.

Digitalbits - Digitalbits is the new main sponsor of AS Roma

Digitalbits will be the new main sponsor of Roma

It will be Digitalbits to appear for the next three years on the uniform with which Rome will face its commitments from time to time, in Serie A and in international cups. The confirmation began to circulate as early as the morning, when an Australian website put online the offer of the new uniform with the company logo prominently displayed. Becoming official in the early hours of the afternoon, when the press releases from Rome arrived. Starting a flurry of rumors in the hope of being able to understand the economic entity of the operation. Which is indeed of considerable significance. The Californian company, in fact, should pay around 36 million euros into the Giallorossi coffers, which could rise up to 40 with the traditional bonuses. Therefore, settling on the level of what was insured in the previous three years by Qatar Airways. Which was not really taken for granted, in times of Covid.

About Digitalbits

Naturally, after the news spread, many began to question themselves about Digitalbits, wondering in particular in which branch the company operates.
As we have already mentioned, the company is active in the blockchain sector and has created its own cryptocurrency, XDB. Born in 2017, on impulse of At Burgio, who is its current CEO, now seems ready to establish itself in a sector which is becoming increasingly difficult and competitive. In which, consequently, the media visibility. And the one that can be ensured by Roma is truly exceptional, considering the many fans that the club boasts in every corner of the globe. Ready to follow the Giallorossi team also in purely commercial terms. An aspect that will certainly have been evaluated by Burgio during the negotiation.

AS Roma and cryptocurrencies

With this sponsorship, Rome confirms its commitment to innovation, also in the financial field. The Giallorossi club has in fact distinguished itself over the last few years for its ability to use new technologies, starting with information technology. His site is one of the football sites that are developing with greater vigor, also thanks to campaigns with a clear social flavor, like the one that saw her collaborate with Sosdesaparecidos, for the search for missing minors.
Cryptocurrencies have also found their place in this strategy, with the launch of one collaboration with Socios, which saw the birth of the ASR token. Thanks to which the Giallorossi fans were able to participate in initiatives such as the choice of the name of one of the fields located within the Trigoria sports center. With the arrival of Digitalbits, initiatives of this kind could become customary.

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