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Dogecoin flies on the wings of the eToro listing

The meme coin shatters record after record

New resounding growth for Dogecoin. The meme coin invented by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer has in fact reached the fourth place in the CoinMarketCap ranking relating to market capitalization, exceeding $ 0,66. A growth of almost 21% over the last 24 hours, which follows that of the previous day. And which, moreover, could continue in the next few years, in light of the news regarding the token. What are the factors that are blowing on the sails of DOGE?

dogecoin - Dogecoin flies on the wings of the eToro listing

The listing by eToro

The most powerful engine in Dogecoin's growth is currently represented by the news related to his listing on eToro. The Israeli trading platform has in fact decided to add it to its cryptocurrency proposal, in a basket that already counts the most popular cryptocurrencies, starting of course from Bitcoin ed Ethereum.
A news to which was then added that relating to listing on Gemini,exchange led by Tyler Vinklevoss. The CEO of the exchange platform has praised the cryptocurrency inspired by a purebred dog Shiba Inu, stating that it represents the people's money. Also adding a comparison which might seem irreverent, the one with Bitcoin. A parallelism motivated in particular by the fact that both tokens would return control of money to people.

The strong backlash on Robinhood

On the sidelines of Dogecoin's growth, it should be emphasized how it has been so impetuous as to send Robinhood into great difficulty again. The app is not new to problems of this kind, so much so that it gave rise to a sensational episode in the course of pump and dump of WallStreetBets redditors in favor of GameStop.
A technical problem which comes just as Robinhood is under attack by the leaders of Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, in fact, explicitly accused the app of being based on a business model that they believe is deeply wrong from an ethical point of view. An accusation which naturally provoked the piqued reply of Robinhood, whose spokesman bluntly accused Buffett and Munger of speaking on behalf of the old guard of Wall Street to make it clear that he did not want to lose his position of privilege.

The world of sport chooses Dogecoin en masse

As a further confirmation of the growth in popularity of the meme coin, the decision taken by the Oakland Athletics, one of the Major League Baseball (MLB) franchises. That is to sell pairs of tickets for their own races at 100 Dogecoin, between 3 and 6 May. Considering the trend of the token, a purchase of this kind could prove to be not really a bargain for those who join the proposal.
A decision that follows the one recently taken by Dallas Mavericks, a team participating in the National Baseball Association (NBA). For their part, they have opened their payments to DOGE for a few weeks.
To underline how Mark Cuban, the billionaire who owns the Texas team, has become a big supporter of the project over the past few months. Stating in the last few days that it could turn into a usable currency if more companies decide to accept it as a form of payment for their products and services. A not insignificant endorsement, given his previous skepticism.

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