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Dogecoin is the popular class token, according to Su Zhu, CEO of Three Arrows Capital

The opinion was expressed during an episode of The Game Theory of Crypto Podcast

If over the past few weeks Dogecoin it didn't go well, focus on the dog-inspired token Shiba Inu continues to be very strong, even in the media. So much so as to inspire a long list of similar projects which aim to repeat the deeds, perhaps also relying on the confusion created by the similarity with the progenitor.
In particular, over the last few hours DOGE has collected two authoritative supports, by prominent personalities of the cryptographic world. Confirming the fact that the project still seems destined for a great future.

dogecoin - Dogecoin is the popular class token, according to Su Zhu, CEO of Three Arrows Capital

Su Zhu: Dogecoin is the popular class token

Second Water ZhuCEO Three Arrows Capital, Dogecoin it would be the popular class token. Adding that anyone can own quantities of it and that it would be four times more popular than Ethereum.
Therefore very flattering opinions, which are also supported by a considerable amount of data, such as to confirm the remarkable feeling between DOGE and the traders. Especially those that operate on Robinhood, where even 62% of the platform's cryptocurrency revenue concerns the now famous meme coin invented by Billy Marcus e Jackson palmer. The statements were made during an interview conducted by “The Game Theory of Cryptocurrency Podcast " and they went to intertwine with another authoritative endorsement, that of Jenny Q. Ta, leaked in the last hours.

The statements of Jenny Q. Ta

During a detailed interview with Decrypt, Jenny Q. Ta she said she was attracted to Dogecoin for a number of good reasons. Starting from the fact that the token seems safe and is a low-risk tool for those intending to start investing in cryptocurrencies.
He then wanted to highlight the true specialty of the famous meme coin, that is, its being a kind of fun. Clear reference to the spirit of a community that seems intent on cultivating above all the playful side of Dogecoin. As did its main supporter, that is Elon Musk, with his repeated tweets in support of the project.
Furthermore the token represents a valid tool to bring children closer to digital assets, perhaps buying small quantities, as is usually the case Mark Cuban with their children. Reasons that led her to become a Dogecoin evangelist.

Who is Jenny Q. Ta?

Jenny Q. Ta is best known in the crypto space for her decision to launch CoinLinked, in May of 2020. Her name has returned to the fore in recent days, as she is now going to direct HODL Assets, after the decision to move the company from South Africa to San Francisco. To better understand her figure it is necessary to add that she is a great supporter of digital money, which boasts over 120 followers on Twitter.
Wall Street veteran and founder of the investment firm Titan Securities and the broker-dealer Vantage Investments, converted to cryptography last year, launching CoinLinked. She described it as a “solution blockchain decentralized to connect today's traditional markets with tomorrow's digital currencies. "
However, it should also be stressed that Ta herself wanted to repeatedly warn investors in her interviews. In particular, inviting them not to expose themselves too much, consequently risking the financial crash. Statements that fall within his public role, in which he tries to best exercise a principle of personal responsibility.

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