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Dogecoin on the Moon? Maybe first on Coinbase

Also a hashtag in support of Elon Musk's request

Elon Musk may have hit once again. After his pump and dump on Dogecoin, now Tesla's CEO could push theexchange Coinbase to include the meme coin in its trading. As was specifically requested by the South African-born billionaire in a recent tweet.
His request, in fact, was endorsed by a myriad of investors and it seems that it is being considered by the exchange platform. If this hypothesis were to be realized, it would be a new blow in terms of image for DOGE and, in all probability, the beginning of a new phase of ascension.

dogecoin - Dogecoin on the Moon? Maybe first on Coinbase

A Twitter campaign for the inclusion of Dogecoin on Coinbase

In support of the campaign, a hashtag was also launched, that is #AddDogecoinToCoinbase. If there are not many memberships at the moment, it is expected that they will soon begin to flock. As indeed happens every time that the meme coin dear to Elon Musk and many other prominent personalities is evoked.
If Tesla's founder himself made it his, it could even turn into a flood wave. Against which Coinbase could finally yield. Also in consideration of the fact that DOGE is now firmly in the top 20 of the ranking of CoinMarketCap relating to market capitalization. With well-founded hopes to improve its position in the coming months, in light of a impetuous growth that continues today.

Dogecoin on the Moon: an April Fool?

Just a week ago, Dogecoin had been at the center of yet another tweet from Elon Musk, the one in which he claimed to want to bring the token to the moon. Considering that he founded SpaceX, a company that proposes space travel, many had interpreted this message in the sense of a possible adoption of DOGE in the colonization of our satellite. However, they had not considered that the day the tweet was posted was April XNUMXst. That is the one in which many delight in the now classic fish. Entirely in line, moreover, with the iconoclastic spirit that has always distinguished the composite community which supports the creature of Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer.

Meanwhile Dogecoin continues its affirmation

While discussing its possible inclusion in Coinbase trading, Dogecoin continues to grow in terms of popularity as well. Also favored by decision of some companies to accept the meme coin as a payment method.
As the Latvian flag carrier did, airbaltic, which offers flights throughout Europe. Or how did the Bobby Hotel in Nashville. To which the payment platform has also been added Nuvei, who added it to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, NEO e Ripple. In other words, those that for years have been considered the most important virtual uniforms, for one reason or another.
According to observers, this is the clear sign that many find it useful to offer a payment option on one of the cryptocurrency most popular ever and, above all, discussed. So much so that it is now considered as a real phenomenon of costume.
Which, for its part, promises to grow further, and significantly, in terms of market capitalization. Especially if Coinbase resolves the ongoing discussion positively, considering that each inclusion of a token in the trading of an important exchange usually involves an increase in its price.

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