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Dogelon Mars, it's boom for the new meme coin inspired by DOGE

The token jumped 120% in just a few hours!

As is now known, the explosion of Dogecoin, favored by Elon Musk's pump and dump, gave birth to a real emulative phenomenon. In other words, many other projects have suddenly arisen not only inspired by the famous meme coin, but whose name expressly recalls it. A real ploy clearly aimed at confusing investors and often leading to confusion. As happened when Elon Musk stated on Twitter his intention to take a dog with you Shiba Inu, prompting many people to purchase the token bearing the same name. Thus favoring its rapid growth, so much so that today SHIB is in 44th place in the ranking of CoinMarketCap. In the last few hours, however, in this particular context Dogelon Mars is standing out. Let's go and see the reasons.

Dogelon Mars - Dogelon Mars, it's boom for the new meme coin inspired by DOGE

The boom of Dogelon Mars arouses great curiosity

Dogelon Mars posted a growth of 120% within a few hours. Returning to the headlines after the furious rally in which he had been protagonist in May, when he had grown up by 1015%.
A real boom that has prompted many to try to understand what Dogelon Mars is and if it is not an ephemeral phenomenon. As indeed many are predicting, right in these hours, driven to do so also by the obvious annoyance for a phenomenon, that of meme coins inspired by Dogecoin, which risks on the one hand to turn into a farce and on the other hand to make those who decide to ride the wave lose money without thinking too much.

What is Dogelon Mars? And who is behind the project?

To understand Dogelon Mars, or at least try to do so, the best thing to do is go to his site. Where it is stated that the token would be a currency created for the people and, in particular, for all the people who in the past have lost their money by betting on scam projects. A rather strange way to advertise a project in a sector where, in fact, the scams unfortunately they are still on the agenda.
Born as a fork of Dogecoin, yet another meme coin also presents another factor which would seem to be made on purpose to discourage its purchase. That is, try to take advantage of the name of Elon Musk, calling it openly in the ticker and playing jokingly, at least hopefully, on the misunderstanding. In fact, whoever hides behind the token claims to be called Elon, but at the moment it seems to be absolutely excluded that he is the CEO of Tesla. However, the impression of something unclear ultimately remains.

Should you stay away or try to ride the wave?

Right now it seems that there are not a few who are trying to make money on Dogelon Mars. Perhaps recommended by the great social activity, witnessed by the over 25 thousand users registered on his Twitter account. Or more likely from the hope that it will be able to retrace Dogecoin's footsteps and grow sensationally.
A hope which, moreover, is very strong, if we consider the flowering of similar projects over the last few months. Many of which have remained in complete anonymity, but among which some tokens have also emerged, which investors look upon with great interest.
It now remains to understand which of the two categories Dogelon Mars will fit in. In light of the sensational + 120% of the last few hours, curiosity is actually a lot.

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