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Donald Trump: The digital yuan is a threat to the dollar

The former president is back to talking about cryptocurrencies

Donald Trump is a big supporter of the dollar. In defense of which he fell several times to counter those cryptocurrency which, according to him, would represent a threat to the sovereign currency of the United States.
In his latest public statement, however, the controversial former White House tenant targeted him digital yuan, or the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) of Beijing.
He did so over a 'interview granted to Adam Shapiro of Yahoo Finance the past 5 October. Indicating it as a great danger to the imperial power of the greenback. A judgment that is shared by many, precisely in light of the implications that the now imminent debut of the Chinese cryptocurrency would entail.

Donald Trump - Donald Trump: the digital yuan is a threat to the dollar

Donald Trump and cryptocurrencies

The digital yuan is only the latest target of the tycoon's controversy. Who in the past he has repeatedly expressed his opinion that is anything but positive on the Bitcoin, in his capacity as a great supporter of the dollar. Which he would not want to see endangered by other currencies or by government decisions.
As he thinks it happened after the recent withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan or on the occasion of the tremendous spectacle provided to the eyes of the world with the brutal treatment of the police of those who tried to enter the country on the side of the border with Mexico.
Policies which, however, do not actually seem to differ from those that characterized the four years of his administration. Indeed, it was he who had proposed the resolution for the withdrawal from Kabul. In addition to creating immigration policies that had certainly not contributed to Washington's popularity.

Trump's interview with Fox Business

Even harder against cryptocurrencies, however, was the interview released in the last days of August a Fox Business. On that occasion, in fact, the former President branded digital money as a potential disaster on the verge of collapse. Adding that it could be a mockery, so much so that no one knows what it actually is.
Once again very harsh words, which demonstrate a resolute aversion to an issue that Trump evidently knows little about. Although, surprisingly, during the interview with Adam Shapiro he went so far as to state that the US should also consider launching a digital dollar.

Ken Griffin to reinforce the former president

At the words of Donald Trump moreover, during these hours, those attributed to Ken Griffin. The billionaire, hedge fund manager Citadel LLC, in fact declared to theEconomic Club of Chicago that cryptocurrencies would represent a real jihadist signal. Issued by those who do not believe in the dollar.
An extremely harsh judgment and such as to arouse a certain surprise. Also because it comes from a character who does not seem willing to give up making money even with digital money. In fact, if his fund has not yet taken concrete steps in this direction, it is only because no regulation has yet been enacted capable of providing investors with security. By implicitly stating that Citadel will invest in cryptocurrencies as soon as signals arrive.
It is not possible to understand, however, in this case, why its fund would be excluded from the group of those who give jihadist signals. Yet another contradiction in a traditional finance that first uses very harsh tones towards financial innovation, and then completely changes its attitude. As for the rest have done recently characters like Jamie Dimon, George Soros and Ray Dalio.

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