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Dynamo Kiev relies on blockchain

An agreement signed between the Ukrainian team and Moonwalk

La blockchain continues to expand in a sector, football, in the constant search for new sources of financing. A trend made even more compelling by the closure of the stadiums made necessary by the work against Covid, which has practically taken away the box office receipts. To try to mitigate the damage, more and more teams decide to interact with their fans in an innovative way. Starting right fromuse of distributed ledger technology, increasingly popular in the sports sector.

Dynamo Kiev - Dynamo Kiev relies on blockchain

Dynamo Kiev is the first Ukrainian team to turn to the blockchain

Among the football associations that have opted for the blockchain there is now also the Dinamo Kiev, Ukrainian team very well known also at European level. A notoriety deriving in particular from having triumphed in two editions of the Cup Winners' Cup and having won a European Super Cup, when it was still part of the Soviet football federation. Led at the time on the field by Oleg Blochin, Ballon d'Or in 1975, and coached by Valerij Lobanovs'kyj. The team also boasts 13 USSR and 15 Ukrainian championships, 9 Soviet Union and 12 Ukrainian cups, 3 Soviet and 9 Ukrainian Super Cups in its large showcase.

The deal with Moonwalk

The company will allow Dynamo Kiev access to the blockchain Moonwalk, a startup with which he signed an agreement aimed at creating a digital economy centered on the involvement of fans.
In practice, the platform made available by the company will allow fans to earn tokens based on their interaction with the team. Which can then be spent inside the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, in its digital market or in order to purchase digital collectibles, available exclusively for them. The participation of fans can be measured through a series of social actions. Category in which, for example, the reproduction of predictive games or involvement in Dinamo's social platforms are included.

The statements of Greg Consiglio

To comment on the agreement with the Ukrainian team, for Moonwalk, was Greg Consiglio, co-founder and CEO of the startup. According to which the intent behind it is the creation of an interaction model based on blockchain and digital assets capable of rewarding the fans most devoted to financial innovation. A model that is all the more necessary at a time when health needs make it really difficult to establish real contact between teams and supporters.

Contacts between football and blockchain are more and more frequent

Dynamo Kiev is just the latest name on a list which continues to grow by the day. In fact, hundreds of football teams are now entering into agreements with blockchain companies, with the clear intention of capitalizing on their fan base. Partnerships of the most famous European tournaments such as the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or the Bundesliga, to which now the best known teams of the less important ones are added.
The most active companies in this regard are Sorare, which transferred the popular game of the Fantasy Football, Members, which instead aims for virtual coins that fans can spend on its platform Chiliz. Many other actors, however, are moving with the specific intent of being able to exploit a base like that of the fans of football. Which boasts hundreds of millions of fans located in every corner of the globe.

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