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El Salvador, the Court of Auditors will investigate some suspicious Bitcoin purchases

Opposition to the Bitcoin Law is growing stronger within the country

While the protests of the population against the controversial continue and intensify Bitcoin Law, on the internal situation in El Salvador now also the Court of Auditors is inserted. Which announced its decision to investigate some purchases of Bitcoin by the government and how they were implanted TMJ of cryptocurrency within national borders. The news agency reported the news to Reuters.

nayib bukele - El Salvador, the Court of Auditors will investigate some suspicious Bitcoin purchases

Protests against the Bitcoin Law are escalating

The news given by Reuters risks making the situation even more heated. The protests of the protesters, in fact, have taken on ever more energetic modalities, so much so that they have reached the destruction of a Bitcoin ATM.
Also according to the news agency, the Court of Auditors, which oversees the country's public spending, would have taken action after receiving a complaint on 10 September. Forwarded by Christosal, an organization that fights for human rights and transparency in El Salvador.
Now we just have to wait for the results of the investigation, which it could prove disastrous for Nayib Bukele, the president who wanted to link his name to the disputed provision. Especially in the event that episodes contrary to the law or conduct that are not exactly blameless are identified.

The protests are against the imposition of BTC, not against cryptocurrencies

Among the reasons that inspired the real revolt in progress, the one that indicates the casus belli in thehaving wanted to impose the mandatory acceptance of Bitcoin as a form of payment. If Bukele continues to argue that membership is voluntary, reading the law mercilessly disproves it. Indeed, it is enough to read article 7 to note how clearly the obligation on the part of every economic entity to accept any payment in BTC is clearly stated.
So much so as to raise the fears of the population for the possible dangers inherent in the management of assets that are not only extremely volatile, but also complicated to hold, especially for those who are not comfortable with new technologies.

Attempts to intimidate the government

In addition to Bukele's lies, it was there that sparked the protests inside the country clearly intimidating tactic implemented by the government. By sending inspections within large and small businesses, especially those where management has dared to raise criticism of the Bitcoin Law.
This was declared by a businessman from El Salvador a decrypt, who wished to remain anonymous, clearly fearing possible retaliation against him. While a second interviewee, also an economic operator, said that one of the leaders of the protests, Mario Gomez, would have been illegally taken by the police. Therefore disappearing from circulation for at least a couple of days.

El Salvador: What Could Happen Now?

The news of the investigation by the Court of Auditors is naturally destined to rekindle the already heated controversy in progress. Should the investigation reveal unorthodox or openly speculative operations by Bukele or other members of his government, for the president, the great popularity of some time ago could become a mere memory.
Also in consideration of the repressive squeeze that has been going on for some time now. Conduct such as to push many organizations that fight for the respect of human and civil rights to protest with great vehemence. A protest which has been welded together for some time with the protests of the population and the renewed vigor of the opposition.

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