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Elderly care is also addressed to the blockchain

For a society that tends to age more and more, not only in Italy, care for the elderly plays an increasingly important role. Even from an economic point of view, despite the fact that often incorrect information pushes many to think of welfare only as a cost, when instead it represents a real opportunity. It would be enough to remember the words of Christine Lagarde, the one who will hold the fate of the European Central Bank in the coming years in place of Mario Draghi, according to which the elderly and their longevity would be a risk for the maintenance of the system. Extremely questionable words, as they draw an urban legend instead of a reality. Let's see why.

Care for the elderly is an opportunity

To try to overturn the narrative according to which welfare, and in particular the care of the elderly, would be a burden on the economy is the "Report on the welfare balance of Italian families", a document edited by Mbs Consulting, an independent Italian business consulting group, which was presented in Rome at Palazzo San Macuto in the past month of March. In fact, the study in question considers it a completely fundamental "production sector", remembering how it is able to collect a turnover that amounts to well 143,4 billion during the 2018, with a growth index of 6,9% compared to the previous year, representing around 8,3% of the Italian GDP. Based on the data recalled, we can conclude that welfare represents one of the country's main industries, going so far as to exceed the turnover of the insurance industry (139,5 billion of collection between the non-life and life sectors) and that of the food sector (137 billion in turnover), surpassing in great fashion the fashion (95,7 billion) and furniture supply chain (41,5 billion). A figure which seems to take into account the business world.

The Blockchain Forum Italy

In the days leading up to Halloween, Milan was the theater of Blockchain Forum Italy, an event that has hosted more than 600 companies that use, or are intending to do so in the near future blockchain technology in order to improve its structure and operate thanks to it a cost reduction.
During the event, one was announced partnership between Malta business and the Erga Omnes social cooperative, in order to develop aapp for monitoring aged care services. While some observers have stigmatized the fact that in this case the technology would be used improperly, creating a private system in which the data entered are not verifiable, on the other hand it should be noted that the fertile union between blockchain and welfare can be identified have a positive impact not only in terms of social inclusion, but also from an economic point of view. Confirming once again how it would probably be time to stop pointing out the elderly as a burden and instead start thinking that their complex needs, in a world that fortunately sees life expectancy growing, should be based on an economic system that combines sociality and convenience.

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