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Is Elon Musk tweeting? The bot buys Bitcoin

The program was launched in England and is arousing a lot of curiosity

As is now known, Elon Musk is now a factor of no small importance on the market for cryptocurrency. The CEO and founder of Tesla, in fact, is delighted to intervene often with his tweets, intended to cause great curiosity in a very wide audience. Consequently acting in the same way as a real influencer, consequently attracting not a few criticisms. And also the attention of the supervisory authorities, which could sooner or later ask him to account for his too casual behavior.
Meanwhile, however, Musk does not seem willing to be influenced and continues to tweet messages which are destined to turn into real pump and dump. Enough to push someone to think well to exploit the situation to their advantage.

Elon Musk - Elon Musk tweets? The bot buys Bitcoin

The bot that turns every Elon Musk tweet into a Bitcoin purchase

A London-based cryptocurrency trader, Andrei Badoiu, has decided to build a bot that can buy Bitcoin every time Musk tweets about the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto. Badoiu himself says that the program he launched is able to execute a trade within seconds of the message posted by Tesla's CEO.
Interviewed in this regard, he recalled that what he proposed is absolutely nothing new. There would already be other bots programmed to give life to certain actions in correspondence with the tweets of influential people. A modus operandi that he has decided to apply to Elon Musk's now frequent utterances.

An automatism now taken for granted?

The bot conceived by Andrei Badoiu in practice expresses an automatism that many have noticed. Basically, every time Elon Musk posts a message on Twitter in support of Bitcoin, the crypto icon starts to rise.
It is therefore not surprising that there are those who have decided to exploit the now taken for granted reaction of the markets. Since it usually arrives a few minutes away from the offending message, the bot is able to ensure a profit thanks to the speed with which it intercepts the same and turns it into a purchase order. All in a few seconds, giving life to a real profit of position.
However, the program still has to be verified in the field. In fact, since it was launched, Musk has not yet tweeted about BTC. However, the wait should be over at any moment, given his habits.

There is great interest in the bot

Meanwhile, however, many have already shown their interest in the creation of Badoiu. It was he who remembered how many, up Reddit e GitHub, have downloaded the necessary tools in order to implement the bot. Which, however, can be difficult to interpret, as it makes it necessary not only to have an account connected to MetaTrader 5, but also use development tools which can be difficult for the average Bitcoin customer.
It should also be considered how Elon Musk's orientation regarding BTC could change over time. About that Badoiu reports that his program incorporates so-called sentiment analysis. That is a factor which uses artificial intelligence in order to understand if the comments on a particular topic on social media are positive or not.

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