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Ethereum exceeds $ 3: a historic record

Ethereum has exceeded three thousand dollars. An all-time high. In fact, it broke the new high for the first time in history.

Ethereum - Ethereum exceeds 3 thousand dollars: a historical record

Il price of Ethereum it hit an all-time high, exceeding $ 3 for the first time in its history, with a peak that reached $ 3200 and now stands at just over $ 3100. In reality, the price of Ethereum has been reaching historic highs for several days.

In fact, after that he passed for the first time the 2600 dollars, on April 22, the price had fallen again to 2200 with a contraction which, however, proved to be only temporary.

Starting from April 26, the price of Ethereum returned to rise, thus exceeding $ 2700 after two days and reaching $ 2800 by May 1st. 

Yesterday it exceeded $ 2900 for the first time in its history, but today it also exceeded the psychological threshold of $ 3000.

But why did Ethereum start climbing fast? According to some hypotheses, what has generated such an imminent gain is given by the news that the EIB, the European Investment Bank, has announced the issuance of a digital bond based on Ethereum. The news dates back to April 28, so it is not possible that it has had such a prolonged effect over time.

Surely it was the cause of the peak on April 28, when the price of Ethereum it recorded one of its all-time highs reaching $ 2700.

One reason for the peak today could be due to the growth in market demand related to NFTs. NFTs are issued first on the Ethereum network and then transferred to make gas payments in ETH. For a short while the NTF hype was significantly reduced, starting April 25 there has been new growth. 

This means that in the moment the interest of NFTs has returned to growth over the past few days, leading to an increase in demand for ETH. It should be noted that at the beginning of the year, the price of Ether was a quarter of the current one, for this reason in the course of 2021 the return on ETH it was over 300% in just four months. The maximum price reached during the last speculative bubble was $ 1500, that is half of the present value. 

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