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New CRO Staking for you have MCO CARD

Bad news to have the MCO Card ... on January 18th the only requirement to have this card changes, that is the staking of CRO. Current CRO staking The current status for having an MCO card is as follows, as can be seen from the image, you have a reward for each cro spent with the card as a percentage and above all yes ...

Spark FLR token Distribution XRP holder

Good news for all XRP owners, there is a toke distribution for all those who hold XRP Ripple on Crypto.‌com App and Exchange. How do you apply for the SPARK (FLR) token Fortunately, you don't have to do anything, you simply need to hold Ripple in the app or exchange. The snapshot ...

DeFi Competition! Win up to $ 2000

The DEFI competition has arrived! 1) DeFi Trading Competition - $ 15.000p up for grabs to win! Trade with DeFi tokens and coins to win! Highest DeFi Scores win up to $ 2.000 in CROs based on their levels DeFi Farming Score: - Trading volume (DeFi eligible tokens) x ...

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