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Floki Inu, the community is now asking for the token to be included in the trading of Binance and Coinbase

The petition to this effect was launched on

The community of Floki inu is moving in these hours to clamor the inclusion of the token in the trading of Binance and Coinbase. He's doing it with one petition launched on, which has already largely exceeded 14 thousand signatories.
Based on the request, the proponents recalled how yet another coin meme is giving life to a rapid climb in the ranking in terms of market capitalization, which has seen it enter the top 70 positions of the one drawn up by CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of over $ 2,6 million.
Also, Floki Inu now boasts more than 310 thousand owners, with trading volumes peaking at US $ 280 million. All this despite not currently being listed on any of the major stock exchanges. The implication is that if it were, its growth could further increase and place it in competition with Dogecoin e Shiba Inu.

Floki - Floki Inu, now the community is asking for the token to be included in the trading of Binance and Coinbase

Is Floki Inu preparing for the final explosion?

In fact, what the Floki Inu community affirmed seems to have no little foundation. The token, in fact, has managed to make its way so far without being able to enjoy the support on which, for example, DOGE can count since its advent, namely the continuous pump and dump by Elon Musk.
If it is true that a tweet from Tesla's CEO, misunderstood by investors, allowed the token to emerge from anonymity, at the same time Floki Inu had to do it practically alone. In particular, using a extremely aggressive marketing campaign, such as to arouse strong opposition. The reference is of course to what happened to London, where its advertisements were stigmatized by a local ecologist, who asked for their immediate removal considering them contrary to ethics. Paradoxically, the ensuing discussion caused more and more talk of the token. The initial mission, to talk about Floki Inu, can therefore be said to be centered.

Why the request to Binance and Coinbase?

The reason for the petition addressed to the top executives of Binance and Coinbase is quite understandable. The inclusion of a token in the trading of exchange most popular, in fact, it always turns into a strong increase in its price. If this happens also for Floki Inu, the token could start a real bull run. Such as to push it close to the Top Ten of CoinMarketCap, even in a not very brilliant moment for the sector.
While waiting for this to happen, the company is pursuing a long series of marketing initiatives, in particular with relevant realities in the sports sector. The last of which seems destined to greatly affect his future destinies.

The sponsorship of Napoli Calcio

Floki inu has just signed a collaboration agreement with Napoli, one of the major companies in the Serie A of football. As a result of the contract signed by the two parties, the token logo will appear on the back of the Neapolitan team's soccer jerseys, as well as inside the San Paolo Stadium during home games.
This is a very important sponsorship, in light of the large number of fans who follow the greatest Italian football tournament in every part of the globe. If it is not yet known the period of time for which the agreement will be valid and not even the figures relating to it, according to the experts the Floki Inu logo will be submitted to the potential attention of about a billion people, in every part of the globe.


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