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Foodcoin, what is the new cryptocurrency dedicated to the world of catering?

An interesting project tested in Madrid

If so far the speculative side has prevailed, it should be emphasized that the cryptocurrency are able to provide significant answers to everyday problems. An aspect, the latter, which was made explicit in particular by Foodcoin, the cryptocurrency launched by 2gether, expressly aimed at the world of catering. Where it has had a remarkable success, made explicit by the managers of the Madrid clubs, who have promoted the project with flying colors.

Calle Ponzano - Foodcoin, what is the new cryptocurrency dedicated to the restaurant world?

What is Foodcoin and what is it for

Foodcoin is one platform that allows every single venue that decides to join the initiative to create their own token, to be used in order not only to pay for the products you intend to purchase, but also to guarantee various benefits granted by the local concerned. Which can thus indulge in the creation of initiatives capable of increasing the satisfaction of its customers and retaining them in an increasingly accentuated way. For example in the form of free drinks or discounts, resulting from the accumulation of tokens with which payments will be made.
The pilot phase of the project is about to start after nine months, during which time 2gether continued its development. And will see the participation of ten Madrid restaurants located along Calle Ponzano.

Foodcoin is also a response to Covid

The Foodcoin project was also born as form of response to the great difficulties created by Covid in the catering sector. The fears triggered by its diffusion have naturally reduced the turnover of a large number of merchants. Who must now start looking for new ways to try to react to the situation.
The use of cryptography and the most advanced technologies can indeed prove to be an excellent way to succeed, in particular by simplifying relationships with customers. Especially the youth one, more dynamic and ready to respond to an experiment of this kind.

Ramon Ferraz's comment

On the sidelines of the initiative, the comment made by Ramon Ferraz, CEO of 2gether. Who stated that Foodcoin can be referred to as the very first example of tokenized economy launched on the market.
The system devised is extremely simple and it does not involve additional costs for customers. While as regards the managers of the premises concerned, the only cost connected to the operation is that relating to the rewards for the tokens. Precisely for this reason, he added, the catering sector, one of the most affected by the Covid pandemic, is responding enthusiastically to the initiative.

A simple and innovative procedure

The procedure launched by 2gether is in fact characterized by great simplicity and ease of use. Anyone wishing to join the initiative has to do is register on the platform Token Makers. To do this it takes just a few minutes, at the end of which it will be possible to launch the customized token to be used within your local. With the additional possibility of providing for a greater number of tokens to be issued in certain time slots, such as off-peak ones, or on particular days.
Available for both Android and iOS, the app allows you to automatically generate a virtual card with which the user can pay for drinks and enjoy all the promotions provided. The money collected, in turn, is automatically converted into euros.
To the ten premises registered for the pilot experiment, another twenty should be added between now and September, before the planned launch nationally and internationally.

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