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For Craig Wright, first good news in the Tulip Trust's Bitcoin dispute

However, the cause remains very complicated

Craig Wright Faketoshi - First good news for Craig Wright in the Tulip Trust's Bitcoin dispute

After a series of significant showers, however Craig Wright one has finally arrived first good news from the legal dispute that was brought to him by Ira Kleiman.
The district judge Beth Bloom in fact, he rejected the motion of the defense of the second, which asked to impose sanctions on the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin Craig Wright in the ongoing legal battle for its alleged 1,1 million tokens (over $ 10 billion, with current prices) linked to the private keys of the Tulip Group. In practice, we will now move on to the courtroom trial, set for July 6, with Wright as the accused.

What has happened

According to Kleiman's defense, Wright would have given rise to a series of acts in the course of the trial which should be sanctioned without going to the actual trial.
A thesis opposed by the counterparty, which in turn argued that Wright's behavior would be the consequence of an autism spectrum disorder with high intellectual abilities. A state that has pushed its defense to ask that a psychologist with a regular qualification to support the Australian tycoon appear during the trial.
A thesis that was accepted by the district judge, according to which it will be the process to establish why Wright gave rise to a series of moves which have been interpreted by many as real self-goals.

The stone guest: Mt. Gox

Many slides ringed by Craig Wright in a process in which he has to prove in practice that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, in order to win the case. To do so, however, he created a defense that practically paved the way for the plaintiff.
In particular, the fact that Wright presented a series of BTC addresses which should have proved his real identity aroused a sensation. Among them, however, there was one on which 79.956 Bitcoins passed, equal to a value of 751 million today, which had been stolen from Mt. Gox, The famous exchange collapsed after a repeated series of thefts in 2014.
This particular affirmation by Wright was noted in particular Ricardo Spagni, one of the members of the working group of Monero. Who specifically asked Faketoshi, as the Australian in the world of crypto fans is now mockingly called, to clarify the matter.

One cause leads to another

A question that is likely to prove even more harmful to Wright, who he actually showed up in the guise of a hacker. Thus paving the way for the possibility of a new judicial proceeding, considered as the appeals of those who lost their belongings during the collapse of Mt. Gox are still affecting the various US district attorneys.
After all for Wright courtrooms are certainly not new. He is currently engaged in the lawsuit against Peter McCormack, for defamation, after dropping those against Vitalik Buterin e Adam Back. He also lost his lawsuit Roger Ver, who had not made excessive scruples in calling him a scammer. A series of disputes that prompted his friend Calvin Ayre to say that he will spend his days between courts.

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