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FTX buys advertising space for the Super Bowl

The exchange continues its campaign in the sports sector

FTX, theexchange di cryptocurrency and crypto derivatives founded by Sam Bankman Fried, would recently buy an ad for next year's Super Bowl. The news was reported by some press and does not seem to be new. The same platform, in great expansion, just recently has jumped to general attention for some initiatives related to the world of sport.
The last of which was the donation of $ 500 in cryptocurrency to the spectators of an entire sector of the arena that hosts the home matches of the Miami Heat, the Florida basketball franchise participating in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Arena which, moreover, bears the name of the exchange, after the agreement between the parties for a few months now.

ftx - FTX buys advertising space for the Super Bowl

What is the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl represents not only the most significant event in American football, but also a real piece of costume history for the United States.. Every year, in fact, the final match of the National Football League (NFL), sees the whole country stop to be able to attend.
The NFL itself, in turn, is considered the most valuable professional sports league in the United States and Canada, managing to collect about $ 13 billion in revenue each year, at least according to data provided by Sports Casting. In this ranking it beats MLB (Major League Baseball) and NBA, which manage to generate approximately 10 billion and 7,4 billion dollars respectively.

A gigantic audience

The Super Bowl has always been one extraordinary opportunity for companies. Which give life to a real battle to be able to enter the homes of Americans, on this occasion. In fact, it is estimated that the audience of spectators of the event amounts to about 90 million people. Potential consumers to be reached at any cost and appetites from many large companies.
An even more important audience for companies operating in the financial innovation sector. According to Insider Businessjust Sam Bankman Fried he would be convinced of the key role played by sporting events in promoting FTX. According to the founder and CEO of the platform, in fact, sports fans would prove to be much more receptive than others on the subject and therefore need to be treated in the best possible way. Starting from the great events, of which the Super Bowl is in fact the most eloquent testimony.

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Bankman Fried's statements to Bloomberg

The theme of the palatability of the public who usually attend the Super Bowl was also at the center of an interview given by Bankman Fried to Bloomberg. During which the number one of FTX admitted that he considers this kind of user the ideal for the message that his platform intends to spread. In other words, digital resources are absolutely safe, easily accessible and ready for widespread use in everyday life.
A belief which ultimately pushed the exchange to shell out an eloquent sum to be among the sponsor companies of the Super Bowl. If the company has not yet provided details regarding the price of its listing and the content, it was Statista who revealed that the advertisers of the last edition of the tender had to comply with the payment of an amount equal to 5,6 million dollars in order to be able to broadcast a 30-second commercial. A figure which should not differ significantly from this year's.

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