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An answer to customers' need for security

The protection of your tokens is practically a central theme for all those who intend to invest in cryptocurrency. In fact, for years now hacking is very active in looking for ways to steal digital money from its legitimate owners. By attacking not only private individuals, but also exchange and, in particular, i wallet on which company and customer tokens are kept.
The most sensational case in this sense is that relating to Mt. Gox, the exchange forced into bankruptcy by some attacks, ruining a myriad of investors. A story that continues to drag on in courtrooms since 2014. So much so that it is now considered a real symbol of the dangers that run if you are unable to secure your digital assets.

Capture 2 - launches wallet with fingerprint recognition's answer

A remarkable response to the security needs of users now comes from, a cryptocurrency exchange which has launched its new Wallet S1. It is a hardware wallets which aims to protect its content thanks to the presence of a integrated display with fingerprint recognition.
As explained by Marie Tatibouet, CMO of the exchange, the private key is locked in the hardware itself, therefore safe, away from the pitfalls of the Internet. In this way it is possible to create an absolutely secure unique password, eliminating the need for passwords that can be easily stolen by attackers.
It is precisely sources inside who state how Wallet S1 is able to support more than 10 thousand cryptocurrencies, starting with the most well-known and widespread ones, such as Bitcoin ed Ethereum. Probably an exaggerated statement, considered as either CoinMarketCap is able to draw up a ranking including such a number of tokens.

The need for security is increasingly widespread

The launch of the electronic wallet meets an increasingly widespread demand for security from users. Not only of the exchange, of course, considering that the activity of hackers is now increasingly pervasive and dangerous. So much so that many people advise against investing directly in crypto assets, precisely for the fear of being pirated victims, losing the money invested as a result of it.
The mode provided by Wallet S1 also meets those who look with open annoyance at the complications arising from the need to install a wallet on their device. Be it your personal computer or smartphone.

About is one exchange platform operating in Hong Kong since 2013, when he made his appearance under the name of, under the leadership of Lin Han.
Two years later, its cold wallets were hacked, resulting in a loss of around 7 Bitcoins. An event that has obviously not been forgotten by its managers.
It was in the 2017 that the exchange has decided to change its name and to leave out trading in fiat currency, focusing on exchanges between cryptocurrencies. A decision that formed the basis for the subsequent consolidation of its business, currently attested to about 63 millions of dollars a day. The considerable attention paid to safety issues largely contributes to this. In which the launch of Wallet S1 represents the latest testimony for now.

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