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Gene Simmons bought Cardano

Another crypto investment for Kiss bassist

Gene Simmons, bassist of the rock group The Kiss, has returned to be talked about in relation to cryptocurrency. If he had previously joined the so-called Doge Train inaugurated by Elon Musk, claiming to have purchased the now famous meme coin, this time his choice fell on another token which is making a lot of talk about itself in the course of these days, or Cardano.

Gene Simmons of Kiss - Gene Simmons bought Cardano
OSLO, NORWAY - JUNE 27: Gene Simmons of Kiss on stage at the Tons of Rock festival on June 27, 2019 in Oslo, Norway. (Photo by Per Ole Hagen / Redferns)

Gene Simmons now buys Cardano

“I just bought $ 300,000 of CARDANO (ADA). I'm not a Financial Analyst and I'm not telling U to buy or not to buy. Simply letting U know what I am doing and what I believe in. Why? Because I believe it's going up..and it's always up to you to research & decide. " This the message text posted by Gene Simmons on Twitter, in which the artist declares his most recent virtual money investment.
As you can see, Simmons does not pose as an expert anyway and, indeed, invites its interlocutors to inform themselves, before spending their money. A trick of no small importance, considering how well 900 thousand of his followers are.

Gene Simmons is not exactly a neophyte

If he's not an expert, Gene Simmons isn't new to crypto investing though. In its recent past, in fact, boasts the purchase of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and Litecoin. A basket to which the professors' cryptocurrency is now being added, renamed in this way due to the fact that its group of developers boasts quite a few academics.
For Cardano a further attestation of esteem, at a time when Charles Hoskinson's token seems determined to highlight its function as a Ethereum Killer.

Simmons is not alone in supporting ADA

Simmons joins other celebrities who have been out for Cardano in recent months. A category in which it is also included BitBoy Crypto, who announced on his YouTube channel the sale of his Bitcoins to convert the proceeds into ADA.
If the crypto queen has seen very sustained growth following the halving of the rewards due to miners just before mid-May, Cardano has done even better in a shorter time frame. If at the beginning of the year it was worth 18 cents of dollar, from that moment it has started a race without brakes that has led it to touch 90.

Cardano's upcoming inclusion on Coinbase

According to experts, however, for Cardano the growth path is just beginning. Not only the blockchain is going to be totally decentralized due to the adoption of the Proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, but the token is on the Coinbase launch pad. As has already happened for other projects, the inclusion of ADA in the bargaining of the most famous exchange currently existing should result in considerable appreciation. Even the fact that rumors to this effect have been chasing each other for months now seems to lay the foundations for even more prolonged and strong growth.
Another project that sees the cryptocurrency of professors as protagonist should not be underestimated. We are talking about the project aimed at create a real beachhead for ADA in Africa. Given that the black continent is in great need of tools that can accelerate the financial inclusion of a large number of people who currently do not have them, this is indeed a far-reaching plan.

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