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George Soros invested in Bitcoin

The financier's original distrust of cryptocurrencies seems to have vanished

The umpteenth conversion on the Damascus Road, or in favor of Bitcoin, it seems destined to make noise. To change his original opposition to the icon crypto attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto is indeed George Soros.
To reveal his investment in this sense was Dawn Fitzpatrick, during an interview with Bloomberg. In which the CEO of the Soros Fund Management revealed the possession of a certain amount of cryptocurrency. An admission that in practice confirms the rumors that have been circulating for some time about a massive investment by the fund in Bitcoin and other tokens.

George Soros - George Soros invested in Bitcoin

Soros' mandate to purchase digital assets

Fitzpatrick's revelation is such up to a point. At the beginning of the year, in fact, the Hungarian-born tycoon had given a mandate to Adam Fischer, the fund manager who oversees the large investments of Soros Fund Management, to start a gradual strategy in this regard.
According to analysts, however, exactly what is stated would be behind the big rise in Bitcoin, which in the following hours touched 55 thousand dollars. Thus consolidating the recovery recorded over the last week, a + 25,34% which could be the prologue to further growth.

Soros' relationships with cryptocurrencies

George Soros owes his great notoriety to his raids against the pound and lira in the early 90s. When trading short it essentially ditched the two currencies, forcing our currency in particular out of the EMS. AND Julian Amato to give life to the now famous forced withdrawal from the current accounts of Italians, aimed at compensating for the losses caused by the Soros raids.
With the beginning of the millennium, however, it gave life to a real restyling of its image. In particular, he proposed himself as a standard bearer of "progressive" battles. And in this new guise he found himself crossing cryptocurrencies. Making very clear his negative opinion on the same during an international conference in 2018. Within which he was able to state that, at least according to him, it was simply a speculative bubble.

An opinion that now seems to have changed

Now, however, as confirmed by Fitzpatrick's words, his original opinion seems to have changed completely. As his words on the Bitcoin Ban of Beijing, which he defined as an error of historical significance. In his conversion, moreover, Soros is certainly not alone. Just think for example of Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan, who only a few years ago claimed to consider Bitcoin a scam and the intention to fire the traders of his bank if they only tried to trade it. Today, not only the banking company he directs deals with BTC on behalf of customers, but uses a token such as JP Coin.

The acceptance of Bitcoin by big business is now a fact

The examples of prominent exponents of big finance who have changed their position could continue with other names, starting with that of Ray Dalio. Who has now even overturned the terms of the question, stating that it is cash that is junk.
However, what leaps to the eye is the fact that precisely this change of opinion could ultimately prelude to that considered fundamental by the crypto space. That is the change in policy orientation, which, on the other hand, still seems to linger in a sterile opposition to what now seems to be a real fact.

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