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Gerard Piquè new advisor to Sorare

The announcement was made by the French startup

Gerard Pique, star of Barcelona, will be Sorare's new strategic advisor, the transalpine company that is establishing itself in an extremely relevant way with its Fantasy Football on blockchain.
The news was released by the French startup itself with a press release announcing the player's decision to invest 3 million euros in the seed phase. In fact, turning into a real testimonial for a game that is gaining momentum great interest from fans of football more suited to the latest generation technologies. Enough to convince an increasing number of clubs and football stars to undertake fruitful collaborations with the company.

Gerard Pique - Gerard Piquè new advisor to Sorare

Nicolas Julia's comment on the collaboration with Piquè

On the sidelines of the press release, he was the CEO of sorare, Nicholas Julia, to remember how Piquè as well as being one of the best defenders globally, is also an investor. A role in which he decided to focus with great strength on innovation, as evidenced by his commitment to the French company. Whose fantasy football on blockchain is conquering a large number of fans all over the world. In particular, leveraging a broad-spectrum promotional strategy. Within which agreements have been launched with over 100 football associations, including Real Madrid, Bayern and Paris Saint Germain.
Made possible also and above all by the need for them to find financial resources capable of compensating for the lack of box office receipts. A need caused by the closure of the stadiums in order to stem the spread of Covid on a planetary level. Even today, in fact, it is not known when they will be able to fill up again.

Who is Gerard Piquè

Gerard Pique he is considered one of the strongest defenders of the last decade. Born in Barcelona on February 2, 1987, he began to get noticed in Manchester United, before moving to Real Zaragoza. In 2008 he then moved to Barcelona, ​​where he became a real cornerstone of the defense. Aided in particular by first-rate technique and impressive physical means.
In addition to the Catalans, Piquè also made himself known with the Iberian national team shirt, winning two European Championships and a World Cup. In November, however, suffered a very serious injury during a match against Atletico Madrid, which also affected the knee ligaments. According to doctors, he should be out of the soccer fields for eight months, so much so as to cause fear for the continuation of his career.

Sorare: how does blockchain gaming work?

Sorare's fantasy football is slightly different from the original one, born at the end of the past millennium. Not only for the use of the blockchain, but also for the way it is carried out. If in the original the participants give life to real formations composed by the canonical eleven players of a football team, on Sorare the teams are made up of only five athletes. With the mandatory presence of a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and a forward, as well as a fifth player who can be chosen freely.
The various cards are divided into common, free and unlimited, rare (in just 100 copies) and unique (ie single copies). A unique card which reproduces the attacker Neymar, of Paris Saint Germain, was recently traded for 26mila U.S. dollars. The stickers are in NFT (Non Fungible Token) format and can be exchanged between game participants.

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