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Hackers attack Trump's site asking for Monero

However, the attack came back in a short time

The campaign for the United States presidential elections comes to an end, after a series of endless fights between the President in office, <br><br>Donald Trump and its greatest rival, the Democrat Joe Biden.
A campaign that caused not a little annoyance in public opinion, with observers agreeing that in history the race for the White House had reached such indecent levels.
In the last few hours, however, hackers have also decided to have their say in this dispute. They did it attacking the site of Trump, taking advantage of the check obtained for a few hours in order to ask Monero in exchange for information deemed compromising for the President.

Donald Trump - Hackers attack Trump's website asking for Monero

What happened

The site, or the one officially attributed to the President of the United States was the subject of a cyber attack. During which the attackers claimed to have also obtained control of other devices attributable to Trump and his relatives. From which compromising information would have been stolen for the current tenant of the White House. Which can be revealed to whoever will send Monero at the specified address.

What information would the hackers steal?

In their message, the hackers specified that the information they came into possession of would be extremely compromising for Trump. Going into practice to establish his connection with external actors in order to manipulate the electoral round.
The most serious accusation, however, is that relating to the evidence on involvement of the President regarding the spread of Covid-19. In this case it would be a real confirmation of the law of retaliation, if you think of the accusations made by Trump against China in this sense.

Brock Pierce's attack

If the hacker attack does not seem to have had great effects on the campaign, much more dangerous for Trump could have been the one conducted by the entourage of one of the independent candidates running for the White House, or Brock Pierce.
Just one of his collaborators, Brittany Kaiser, in charge of the crypto-millionaire campaign, has indeed revealed a series of documents which prove Trump's illegal activities during the previous presidential elections, those of 2016.
These are indeed documents of considerable importance, if you think that the Kaiser was director of business development for Cambridge Analytica. That is the political consultancy firm that has become infamous for the misuse of the data of millions of users of Facebook.

A silenced scandal

Kaiser revealed on Twitter that he has entrusted over 800 pages of new documents to the Campaign Legal Center (CLC). It is a US non-profit organization that focuses its action on voting rights and expanding political participation.
Which for its part used them to present a complaint to the Federal Electoral Commission. Motivated by the fact that many of them point out that Cambridge Analytica, founded and owned by the Mercer family, has facilitated the illegal coordination between Make America Number 1, a large Mercer-backed political action committee, and Donald Trump's campaign in 2016.
Specifically, the documents show how Cambridge Analytica "claimed credit for creating, producing and distributing ads for the tycoon campaign", just as the company was conducting surveys and other activities for Make America Number 1, also infamously known as "Defeat Crooked Hillary". There was practically no trace of what was said during the current campaign.

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