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How to buy Bitcoin: complete guide

Il Bitcoin is defined as the gold reserve of cryptocurrency, as for classic financial markets there is gold as a reference point, so in cryptocurrencies we have Bitcoin.

It is therefore normal for those approaching this world for the first time to try to get informed and maybe try to understand how it is possible to buy, sell or trade with Bitcoin.

Why buy bitcoins?

Buying Bitcoin is like having a foot in cryptocurrencies, many buy it to start feeling inside this world and maybe be ready for technological innovation, others buy it with the hope that one day the price of Bitcoin will grow exponentially, others still they do not have clear ideas but prefer to invest some money.

Attention the Bitcoin Value changes

The first thing we need to know is that Bitcoin has value, so it has a price and you can buy, sell, trade or trade.

When we buy it we pay it a certain price, remember that it is absolutely not said that its value grows exponentially, indeed, over the years there have been several ups and downs, moreover, we are talking about a virtual currency that makes its strength there Blockchain, should the Blockchain be corrupted, the bitcoin and all the crypts would be called into question.

Remember, before continuing to read this article that speculating on Bitcoin can be dangerous and lead to the loss of your investment

Buy Bitcoins between individuals or companies

The first possibility we have to buy Bitcoin is to buy it from a private individual or company, there are some sites that put individuals in contact, the advice, if we really want to address this discourse, is to buy from a friend or a company that can give us guarantees, the purchase process is irreversible, once the Bitcoins have been sent it is impossible to go back.

They are usually companies and individuals that undermine Bitcoin and resell to private individuals instead of to exchange to avoid too many commission fees.

Buy Bitcoins in Exchange

This is the solution adopted by almost all those who buy cryptocurrencies, exchanges are large portals where crypto is exchanged, bought and sold, but they have important differences, they are not all the same we see the differences.

Buying Bitcoins with Bank Transfer (also SEPA)

It is undoubtedly the best solution because the commissions (fees) to be paid are very low, in some exchanges it is possible to deposit Euro by bank transfer and then we can buy the available coins with our Euro. This process allows you to finish the purchase in about 2 days.

Coinbase it is one of the simplest and safest portals to buy crypto by bank transfer. We need to register on Coinbase official website , pass the KYC or send our identity document and a certificate (a utility bill) to certify which country you are in (in some states it is not possible to buy cryptocurrencies) and then you will be able to make a bank transfer and get your money to buy Bitcoin, there is also the APP for Android and Apple, very simple to use and keep our wallet under control.

Buy Bitcoin with postepay and postepay evolution

Yes, it is possible to buy both with postpaid It is normal that Postepay evolution, Postepay being a credit card or rather a pre-charged debit card of the Visa or Mastercard circuit, it is possible to use it in all exchanges that accept payment by credit card.

La postepay evolution it also has the advantage of having an iban, so you can use it to make the bank transfer and then deposit money in our Coinbase account.

Buy Bitcoin with a credit card

This is the most accepted solution by exchanges, but there is one thing to say for the benefit of this payment method, buying with a Bitcoin credit card is more expensive than buying them by bank transfer but absolutely faster, the purchase is immediate and bitcoin immediately available.

Exchange credit card for Bitcoin

  • Coinbase : we talked about it when we talked about bank transfer.
  • Binance, one of the best exchanges for trading volumes and promotions, introduced a few months ago the possibility to buy with Bitcoin credit card and other 4 currencies. You must register at Binance official website and pass the KYC by sending the document, taking a selfie with the document and waiting for confirmation in 1-2 days. Then you will be able to buy with a credit card.
  • Kucoin : exactly the same as Binance, as a structure, also recently accepted to buy by credit card, the registration methods are similar, this is the link to Kucoin official website.
  • Changelly : it is possible to buy by credit card or to convert (on the fly) without selling other euro coins and then buy Bitcoins, thus exchanging directly. This the official Changelly link and at the bottom the conversion tool

Bitcoin Trading

Here we face a difficult topic, in Bitcoin trading on specialized platforms such as Ethoro and Plus500 you do not buy anything but trade CFDs.

Conversely, when we talk about trading on exchange, we talk about exchange and trading between currencies.


Buying Cryptocurrencies? Exchange Binance Binance


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