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In Mexico 10 ATM cryptocurrencies will support Dash

Dash - In Mexico 10 thousand ATM cryptocurrencies will support Dash

They will be over 10 thousand new ones TMJ for the cryptocurrency in Mexico they started to support Dash, this was possible thanks to a partnership between Dash Pay and Tauros. 

According to a post published on Twitter on Dash Pay, this new collaboration will give permission to purchase the Dash using the Mexican currency, the weight.

Dash Pay has turned sixtherefore, to celebrate this event, the partnership with Mexico is a way of celebrating its presence on the market for all this time.

For the occasion the Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor said that: the ATM infrastructure Bitcoin can continue to improve and grow the remittance strategy of theAmerica Latina and will contribute to the expansion of the payment service expected in Mexico, also among "Unbanked". 

A few days ago, always in Mexico, theexchange isatech he made a statement stating that he wants to buy the presidential jet by paying 138 million dollars paying the amount in Amero tokens and with land in the state of southern California worth 8 million dollars.

Dash is currently a cryptocurrency widespread throughout Latin America, for this reason it is not strange news that there is the possibility of buying them soon through the crypto ATMs that are located in Mexico. In addition, the sales record must also be remembered that have been marked in Venezuela, where even the chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken started accepting Dash as a payment method.

Most likely, partly because of Venezuela's inflationary problems, Dash has become a cryptocurrency very useful, also because it allows you to better protect privacy unlike other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoins that do not they are completely anonymous. 

Finally, recently Dash launched the platform on Evonet and during 2019 the number of transactions grew by 178%. For Dash at the moment 2020 has started more than well from the point of view of the market value in fact there has also been a price increase that saw the cryptocurrency go from $ 41 to $ 116.

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