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In Texas, appreciation for cryptocurrencies is very high

But according to research, California is the most ready state for their legal adoption

A survey conducted by Newsweek reveals the growing appreciation for digital money in Texas. The research was conducted by the British company Redfield & Wilton Strategies between 20 and 24 August, in view of the entry into force of two legislative measures within the state. These are the House Bills 1576 and 4474, which have set up a working group aimed at studying the blockchain and take into consideration the cryptocurrency within commercial law.
In the course of this investigation over 9.700 voters were interviewed located in ten of the components of the Union. 37% of those residing in Texas say they are ready to vote to give legal tender to Bitcoin and Altcoin, while 42% said they are willing to support legislation such as that of Wyoming, which is notoriously favorable to digital assets.
If the data is carried nationwide, it would mean that about 10 of the 29 million people in Texas would be ready to support the adoption of cryptocurrencies, in the wake of what has been done recently by El Salvador.

Janet Yellen - Cryptocurrency appreciation is very high in Texas

Crypto initiatives in Texas are increasingly numerous

The results of the survey conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies seem to confirm what is happening in Texas. Where the initiatives involving cryptocurrencies are increasingly numerous. In June the great HEB supermarket chain for example, announced its intention to host ATMs for cryptocurrencies of Coin Cloud.
In addition, Texas is identified as the ideal place to do mining by some of the major groups engaged in the sector. To make it so are in particular the renewable energy sources present within the state and a poorly regulated electricity grid.

California is the most ready state to legally adopt cryptocurrencies

If Texas shows an increasingly strong appreciation for digital money, however, the state most ready to give legal value to cryptocurrencies would be California.
This is stated by a recent research conducted by the review site Crypto Head. Which has identified the best jurisdiction for cryptocurrencies within the United States in California. A predisposition due above all to the growing interest of the population for virtual money and to the consequent proliferation of TMJ for BTC and Altcoin.
California prevailed achieving a score of 5,72 out of 10, which allowed him to overtake New Jersey (5,44), Texas (5,28), Florida (5,03) and New York (4,29). Its total score is 2,54 points above the national average, despite the lack of real organic legislation in this regard.

However, the stars and stripes policy still seems opposed to digital assets

While many US citizens seem to look favorably on cryptocurrencies, the stars and stripes policy, however, still seems to be lagging in the opposite direction. In fact, just take a look at the statements made by Janet Yellen during the hearing that preceded his arrival at the Treasury, to understand the distance between institutions and the world crypto.
Among both Democrats and Republicans, the opinions of those who declare themselves decidedly against cryptocurrencies still seem to prevail. Who do not hide their decisive adversity by carrying on a battle that resembles a real crusade. In which the accusations against Bitcoin continue to hit the key of its not even latent danger, both from an environmental point of view and as a privileged tool for the criminal economy.


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