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Incredible dogecoin + 51% in one day

Today we are witnessing a particular phenomenon, Dogecoin which exceeds 51% in a single day.

Dogecoin soaring at 51%

dogecoin - Incredible dogecoin + 51% in one day

Imagine you have 100 euros in Dogecoin and wake up in the morning with 150 euros… what do you think? This is the current situation, an incredible surge, in just one day. It is strange as a phenomenon because despite being considered an altcoin, it actually occupies an important place in the capitalization ranking of cryptocurrency, so seeing it increase by half its price really makes you think.

Again, as happened to recent for chainlink 16% , we do not have important news that justify this sudden increase, no feature or fork, or partnership has been announced, rather we read the tweet of a few minutes ago.

In short, almost invites us to pay attention to the fomo and in my opinion they are absolutely right.

If however you are interested in buy or sell dogecoin here is the link, always remember not to buy on top of the candle because from the top you can only expect a dump.

Dump Dogecoin, will there be a Dump?

We don't know this, but from 51% we can easily go down.

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